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Wow. Um. It's been a while! I aten't dead, as Granny Weatherwax would put it. How are you all? :D I've been spending most of my time on Twitter and Facebook, and LJ/DW ended up really neglected, poor things. Also, I've been (re)watching Buffy and Angel and Bones nonstop for weeks and somehow I'm still not sick of David Boreanaz's face. Mysteries of the universe.

(I feel like I should mention this in no way constitutes a hardcore Buffy/Angel shipping manifesto. I adore Spike. I wish he and Buffy could shag live happily ever after, only not really, because that would take half the fun out of the ship.)

In old news—X-Men: First Class was all kinds of awesome! I've already read a fair deal of fanfiction in the past month, thanks to [ profile] sweetcherrytree's linkage and the kink memes, but if you have any links, feel free to share!

And how awesomely awesome was The Doctor's Wife? Omg. I still can't get over it. Oh, Neil Gaiman.

In related news, I've added George R. R. Martin to the list of authors I fangirl shamelessly. July 12 can't come soon enough! And Game of Thrones season 2 can't, either. *grumbles* *shakes fist* *hates HBO so much — except for the hating bit, 'cause God, that show is brilliant*

I've also created a tumblr today—not sure why, really, apart from the fact that it makes following all my favourite tumblrs a great deal easier. Drop me a line if you have an account there; I'll be happy to follow you! *grins*

In far more important news, [personal profile] oxymora's getting to Brazil from Germany! TODAY! She'll be here for the Deathly Hallows premiere and everything! Eeeeee! *EXCITED*

[ profile] 2naonh3_cl2 made a podfic of my Kings fic Sacrifice! Eee, this is so unbelievably awesome ♥ ♥ She did a brilliant job! Download the mp3 here. (44.87 MB)

In other news, I'm not one for episode reaction posts, but I'm totally in love with the Eleventh Doctor and Amelia Pond—I adored ickle!Amelia, and the food-tasting, and Liz Ten, and the Smilers, and the moral dilemma; and God, I so did not expect to grow fond of a new Doctor this quickly—even if 503 was pretty boring. But anyway, it's Daleks, again, and "Would you like some tea?" is second only to "You are better at dying!" (well, and arguably "You would make a good Dalek") in the Best Dalek Lines Ever department. Thank you for not disappointing, Moffat, and it's SO GREAT to have new episodes every week that I haven't quite stopped flailing yet :DDD
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I'm in Rome! I've been enjoying the city a great deal. It's lovely, even if the number of Ancient Roman buildings destroyed and commandeered by the Catholic Church makes me want to die inside more often than not. It's not anti-Christian animosity, see—it's just, I'm a really fangirly Republican Rome fangirl, and GAH WHY DIAFF UGH.

...Ahem. I've also been to London and Paris recently, and it was awesome! [ profile] wendybarrie_ and I met [personal profile] oxymora in Paris, and we'll see her again in Venice this weekend, yay! On the less yay-worthy side of things, we were robbed in the train, and some douche took all our money while we slept. Also, some random perv cornered us in the Paris subway—anyway, not good.

Buuut enough RL babbling! Sayeth [personal profile] afterthree:

By doing this in my own journal instead of in [ profile] penny_lane_42's comments I'm probably turning this into a meme, but it's kind of awesome and I think deserving of meme status.

The idea is that we all watch different shows, even when we all watch the same ones. (...) What shows within shows have you watched?

Here's what I've been watching lately, in no particular order:

- The Oh My God, Neal/Peter/Elizabeth Is So Canon Show.

- The David Tennant Is Surprisingly Endearing When Babbling Like A Madman Show.

- The Nathan Fillion Fillions Around For Forty Minutes A Week, Oh And Incidentally Beckett Is Also Very Badass Show.

- The Needs Moar Misha Collins Show The Spot The Episode Bits That Will Make Fangirls Go Nuts, Kill Things, Die Of Embarrassment, And/Or Write Shittons of Fanfiction Show. (I love this one.)

- The One Where Matt Bomer Speaks Klingon The One Where Jayne Cobb Is An NSA Agent ...The Brandon Routh Is SO PRETTY Show. Because he iiiiis. ♥ WHERE'S THE FIC, FANDOM.

- The Most Fucked Up Protagonist In Television Nowadays, Who May Just Be One Of My Favourite Characters Ever Show. Alternatively: The Michael C. Hall Is God, And Also Creepy As Fuck Show.

- The Ben Linus Is A Magnificent Bastard and wait, what? WTF IS GOING ON? Show, which I just resumed watching last week. I still haven't finished season four, but I plan to soon!

- The I'm Trying Really Hard To Be A Good Quinto Fangirl And Keep Watching Just For Sylar, But YAWN! Show.

- The Topher!Victor Show. There were a lot of things I loved about it (The Most Thought-Provoking Premise In A While Show could work, too), but really. Topher!Victor. I mean my God. Enver Gjokaj is a genius.

- The Barney Stinson Is Awesome, If A Tad Too Repetitive, But That's Mostly Still Somewhat Okay Show. - It's also been the Wow, Robin Scherbatsky Is Such A BAMF Show, but, you know, amen to this fandomsecret. :(

- The Tried Too Hard To Be Ocean's Eleven And Failed, But That's Okay Because There's Always Hardison, Eliot and Parker To Awesome Things Up Show.
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I couldn't care less about Christmas itself, but this year's Yuletide was all kinds of exciting!

My Yulegoat wrote me a time to refrain from embracing, a lovely Kings futurefic featuring pining!Jack and jaded!David—what more could I possibly want? Thank you so much, mystery author! ♥

I have a bazillion windows open with all the fics and links I ignored over the past few days while hiding under my Yuletide-shaped rock—but I'm I won't get to touch them any time soon because NEW DOCTOR WHO OMG.

While (VERY IMPATIENTLY) waiting for my download to finish, I shall read more Yuletide fics. I doubt I'll post recs here on LJ, but if you have Twitter, check out @ficrecs; I'll probably update it pretty frequently over the next few days!
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All right, so I fail at updating LJ! Damn you, Twitter. I went to a U2 concert in Tampa with [ profile] firstlightofeos and [personal profile] lu a couple of weeks ago, and it was brilliant. I went to New York right after that, where I bought far more DVDs and assorted geekeries than I ought to and ate really, really good Chinese takeout. I totally fell in love with the city. ♥ And I bought a new MacBook Pro! It is gorgeous. I've just finished setting her up to my satisfaction today. Her name is River. (After River Tam, obviously, not River Song. And damn you for even considering that possibility, [personal profile] oxymora.)

TV-related rambling ahead! But first, tell me something. [LJ poll]

vague spoilers for Glee, Dollhouse and Merlin )

Three TV shows I'm watching and enjoying—with download links, because everyone knows I'm a pimp at heart:
  • Castle: Nathan Fillion playing the part of a Fillion-y mystery writer who helps solve crimes; what's not to love? I'm enjoying season 2 even more than I did season 1, and I'm happily waiting for my copy of Richard Castle's Heat Wave to arrive. Here's a YouTube promo featuring Fillion being awesome and geeky. Download the Castle pilot in .avi format here.

  • FlashForward: the premise is interesting—the entire world blanked out for 2 minutes and 17 seconds, causing massive casualties, and during that time everyone caught a glimpse of what their lives would be like six months from now. The main character saw himself investigating the blackouts, so he begins investigating; it's all very wibbly-wobbly timey-wimey. Also: there's John Cho! And Jack Davenport! YouTube promo link. Download the FlashForward pilot in .avi format here. (Hulu link.)

  • White Collar: I was excited to see Chuck's Matthew Bomer (Bryce Larkin) in a new show; it just premiered two days ago, and it didn't disappoint. [Incidentally, if you aren't watching Chuck, why the hell aren't you watching Chuck?] Bomer plays a con artist who helps investigate white collar crimes to keep himself out of jail, à la Catch Me If You Can. It's entertaining! Check out the YouTube promo, and download the first episode here in .avi format (or watch on Hulu).

  • I'm also watching, with varying degrees of dedication, enthusiasm and caught-up-ness: Dexter, Fringe, Heroes, How I Met Your Mother, Lie to Me, Numb3rs, Criminal Minds, Stargate: Universe, Supernatural and The Mentalist. I have a terrible case of television ADD—I rarely remember/want to watch shows' new episodes every week—so everything always piles up. *guilty look at Heroes, Criminal Minds and Fringe* *headdesk*
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    The following links are some of the many, many reasons why I've been going, "Jesus, I'd kill to be at Comic-Con" for the past couple of days, thanks to Twitter and the (admittedly far too many) geeks Twitter users I happen to follow.

    (On the very, very bright side, [ profile] firstlightofeos, [ profile] moon_dancing, [ profile] afterthree, [ profile] oxys_kai_moros, [ profile] nancy_downs, [ profile] inksplotched and I have made plans to attend next year's Comic-Con together, which will be all kinds of brilliant!)

    I'm excited for Iron Man 2 and Avatar and Fringe and of course the next two (:D!) Star Trek movies and oh God, watching Comic-Con news from afar is short-circuiting my obsessive brain. There's way too much geekery out there I want to watch. Crap.

    Links: Comic-Con costumes, Russell T. Davies, Firefly, Dollhouse, The Cabin in the Woods, The Guild, V, Chuck, True Blood, Twilight, Twitter )

    Star Trek: SEE 'Make Kirk/Spock Canon' petition. I pretty much fully agree with [ profile] sunhawk's thoughts on the matter, so I'll just sit here in my quiet internet corner and headdesk away.

    Star Trek: Reboot fic recs of the must-read variety: We Reach Our Apogee Slowly by [ profile] kowaiyoukai (Spock/Uhura, Kirk/Spock pre-slash, WIP), You'll Get There in the End (It Just Takes a While) by [ profile] seperis (Kirk/Spock), Don't Last Like the Feeling by [ profile] anowlinsunshine (Spock/Uhura, Kirk/Spock), Common Bond by [personal profile] florahart (Sarek/Winona). Also, [personal profile] rageprufrock's D: (RPS, Chris/Zach). Yes. I know. It's RPS. Shut up. [For more ST:TOR recs, click here.]

    Incidentally, I neglected to make a Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince reaction post, despite my promise to [personal profile] afterthree that I would, so here's the gist of what I would've said: the movie was hilarious; I still don't like Gambon's Dumbledore; I enjoyed a lot of the movie, but the last third of it or so were just plain painful. I wasn't a big fan of the cave scene or Dumbledore's death. This wasn't my favourite movie, but it wasn't the worst of the batch. In a word: meh. EDIT: [ profile] cleolinda has said it best in her Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince in 15 Minutes, really. Heeee.

    Ending on a random note, in case any of you somehow missed this link in the past few days, click to watch Never Gonna Give Your Teen Spirit Up, or: Rick-Rolling, Nirvana-style.
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    When you see this, post five seven unpopular fandom opinions in your journal.

    1. [Doctor Who] I adore Steven Moffat and all his DW episodes (except for the fourth season two-parter, because no amount of fangirlism can get me to appreciate River), so I'm actually curious to see what he'll do with Eleven. I'll miss Tennant like hell, but I'll definitely give the next series a chance.

    2. [Torchwood] I hate Torchwood. I've watched several episodes, and I should like it, really—I love Jack, and James Marsters was in it, even, I should've been all over that, The team fails, and even Jack fails, and Owen fails, and Gwen fails oh God, so hard, and the plotlines are ridiculous, and they're all amazingly inefficient and terrible at their jobs, and just, what the hell were you high on when you allowed this to happen, RTD?

    Harry Potter, Star Trek, Merlin, et al. )

    I signed up to write two [ profile] reel_merlin fics: Laws of Attraction and Imagine Me & You. *headdesk* I think it's a masochism thing. But hey, I have until September—I may actually finish them, who knows?

    Oh, and just because it's being debated everywhere: Michael Jackson died. The rumour outbreak broke the internet—including, but not limited to, LJ, Twitter, E! and CNN. I'm pretty sure [ profile] ohnotheydidnt did the LJ-breaking; the comm was inaccessible for a while before the whole site crashed down. Damn, I really wanted to read people's comments on the matter. Way to go, ONTD!

    I feel sorry for the bazillion people who bought tickets for his 'This Is It' 2010 tour, anyhow. The man's musical talent was respect-worthy regardless of personal taste, even if his private life was a godawful mess.
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    I don't usually pimp fandom memes, but this one's awesome:

    Fandom Superlatives!

    Among other categories, we have: Most Likely to Succeed in World DominationMost Likely to Not Even Notice the Apocalypse (Donna!) • Most Likely to Bring New People to the FandomBasic Instinct Award (Most Likely to be Killed by a Jealous Lover)Best Season FinaleShow Most Likely to Have a Musical EpisodeShow You've Converted the Most Viewers ToBest Opening Sequence or TitlesMost Likely to Snap and Kill Everyone One DayBest MentorCharacter Who Would Have the Best Blog (is there even any doubt? *grins*) • Character You Most Wanted to Die Who Didn'tMost Likely to Start an OrgyDamsel in the Most Distress (*snerk* I love it that Arthur's nominated for this) • Best MonsterMost Promising New SeriesMost Powerful/Well Done Death

    They're in dire need of Harry Potter/Doctor Who/Merlin/Dr. Horrible/Star Trek love, you guys. Seriously, last time I checked Chris Pine wasn't even nominated for 'Most GQ,' which is just wrong. God, this meme is reminding me of several fandoms I didn't remember I liked! Go vote! :D

    This meme is making me realise how little fandom-variety there is in my LJ icons. This is most distressing :|

    In which I ramble about Heroes seasons 1-3 )
    christycorr: Monty Python's The Meaning of Life (Oh no you didn't.)
    The new Doctor Who spoilers made me happy. I wasn't all that pleased with the casting news we got a couple of weeks ago, but this makes it much better :D Also, several endings being filmed = awesome DVD extras next year. Yay!

    Oh, I got a couple more Dreamwidth invites yesterday. I'm pretty sure everyone who wanted a code already got one, but if not, feel free to let me know, and I'll send it over. Gone now!

    Every TV series I watch is now on hiatus—so weird. (Nevertheless: Chuck, Dollhouse, Castle and Lie to Me were renewed! Which made me very, very happy! Alas, Kings won't make it, but I never thought it would.) I will, of course, end up start watching a new show or two, and end up being forced to give up on half of these by the time the next season comes along. Because that's just how I roll. *headdesk*

    Also, I think I've officially run out of time on the emailing Hourglass nominees thing. I can't seem to find emails for a bunch of them, and it's driving me nuts.

    *sighs* Can any of you give me a hand? I have the list of email-less authors, and maybe they just require some more clicking around. I just—gah.
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    I'm a big fan of character-driven fiction. It's not that I think plot is unimportant, but it's secondary—a plot has to be truly dazzling to make me ignore severely underdeveloped characters. (Lord of the Rings anyone?)

    So yeah, character-centric > plot-centric. This applies to movies, TV series, books, fanfiction, you name it. I'd take Closer over Catch Me If You Can (and Havemercy over City of Bones, and Dexter over Alias, and Drop Dead Gorgeous over Draco Sinister) any day. Shit, I just fandom-dated myself really badly by mentioning that fic, didn't I.

    By 'character-centric,' I don't mean plotless—it's mostly that the plot exists to push along the character development, and not the other way around.

    Issues of the Week, BSG, genfic and Dollhouse )

    Just to clarify, I don't consider 'plot-driven' an insult or anything. Nevertheless, I do believe bad writers don't try to write character-centric stories nearly as often as they do plot-driven ones (maybe it's easier to settle for the latter, because plot-driven fiction is the norm, and to part with that you need a firmer crafting hand, to have at least some idea of what you're doing? I'm not sure).

    ...And then Stephenie Meyer comes along with a primarily character-driven universe that has little to no plot or character development for at least 70% of any given book in the series, and I...I don't even know what to do with that.

    Anyhow! I've rambled on for long enough. Do any of you guys have a preference? Is this a distinction that matters to you—in published fiction, fanfiction, or TV?

    (Unrelated: Geek pride ftw!)
    [11 reacts to his casting]

    I was a bit relieved to read [ profile] afterthree's post about the recently announced Eleventh Doctor. I thought I was the only one who had thought of Edward Cullen's haircut upon seeing this guy for the first time *grins* He also reminds me of what's-his-face, the so-called Dream Team Edward. Gaspard Something.


    I'm not crazy about him or anything—he surely has a shitload of chin, his nose would put Nine's to shame, and his—but I'm still looking forward to this. Moffat Can Do No Wrong, after all. *laughs* Except for River Song. Ahem. I'll miss Tennant, of course.

    We'll see. *shrugs* Should be interesting, anyhow. And the wank's always fun to watch.


    Also, something [ profile] discreetly did caused UR to implode for some reason. We're hoping to get everything working again within a few hours.
    christycorr: Mr. Darcy (Pride and Prejudice) (*uncontrollably excited*)
    Like [ profile] bazcat89, I'm doing this TV shows meme so I can ramble about stuff. Also, it's 7 AM and I'm procrastinating on going to bed. *grins*

    TV meme )

    Yay for rambling! Answering these questions made me feel like I watch too much TV—I don't, really. Honestly! *laughs* It's just that TV series are sort of a bonding experience in my circle of friends: we rarely watch things on our own, and the series we have in common are always a popular conversation starter. So I tend to give most of what they watch a try. (Except for Gossip Girl. Because

    [ profile] inksplotched came to my house this week! She's been travelling around the country, and was in Rio for a couple of days. It was brilliant *grins*

    ...Aah. I'm having Pride and Prejudice cravings. Damn you, [ profile] firstlightofeos!
    christycorr: Tenth Doctor (Doctor Who) (*wibble*)
    *massages cheek* I got my last wisdom tooth removed last Thursday, and now I'm wondering over why it started aching out of the blue today. It can't be psychosomatic, come on! Oy, universe! I've had bloody enough of that, what with my wrists going wonky and everything.

    Anyway. It's been one month today since my grandfather died. There will of course be a mass this morning—one of the perks of living in a ridiculously Catholic country—and I just...I don't know, I've stopped thinking about it, for the most part. I wish I didn't have to go to this mass today, relive everything, be hugged by a bazillion strangers, and listen to a priest ramble on about whatever religious nonsense comes to mind. I cannot bring myself to hate the empty rituals of Catholic religion—they are quite simply irrelevant to me, and I can never understand how they can affect anyone. At all.

    (This of course probably has to do a lot with the highly emotional religious upbringing I had, which established that God should be felt at all times. Many of The Family's meetings are soul-cleansing tearjerkers—especially those directed at long-time members, and not easily-frightened new sheep—and it's all extremely cathartic in a Fight Club sort of way. I don't miss it; nevertheless, the freedom of wearing one's heart on one's sleeve, as it were, is undeniable.)

    I swear I don't get our society's outlook on grief sometimes. I wish we could all sit tomorrow and exchange some of grandpa's amazing life stories instead of mourning the merciful (and welcome) end of an illness he loathed. ...No. I wish we could just stop talking about it altogether. I shouldn't even be writing this. It's not denial, see, it's just basic self-preservation.

    There won't be another mass for months now, thankfully. After this afternoon, I can go back to caring for more interesting things, such as the upcoming renovations in my apartment and the last two weeks' episodes of Doctor Who. Which were all kinds of AWESOME, by the way. Can't wait for the season finale this Saturday! Also—not at all interesting, but unfortunately necessary—I go back to Law School in a month. German lessons start in two weeks, too.

    ...*realises* Oh, Christy, you're a genius. You've been off painkillers for all of twelve hours; that's why it's hurting! *headdesks repeatedly*

    ETA I'm flisting, and all of a sudden there's Who iconage everywhere. Do. Not. Want! Stop reminding me of what happened last weekend, damn it, I want the finale! *pulls hair* Incidentally, there's new Doctor Who wank over at f_w. Not particularly amusing, but we're all just waiting for Whomageddon next week.
    Posted mainly for [ profile] _thirty2flavors' benefit—my thoughts about today's Doctor Who episode, Silence in the Library. (Because God knows I won't remember half of these comments by the time we discuss the episode. *grins*) And of course also for [ profile] firstlightofeos, whenever she watches the episode. Which she should. ASAP. Oh, and [ profile] cinephile88, who is not online at the moment despite his awesome timezone. *blows raspberry*

    SPOILERIFIC Doctor Who randomness. Also, beware: alarming and uncharacteristic total lack of coherence. )

    For the past couple of days, I've been having terrible wrist pain. I have it immobilised and everything**. Gah, I know that typing is the main cause for this pain, whether it's tendinitis or RSI. Don't bother telling me off *laughs*

    **In any case, I still couldn't help freeing my wrist to type quick notes. After all, we only get one Moffat storyline per season. *fangirls* *smiles guiltily*

    It's so ridiculously annoying. (I totally sympathise with [ profile] moon_dancing, who has been having wrist problems far worse than mine.) And I'm enough of a masochist that I still check my email, the UR forums and whatnot a few times a day. *rolls eyes* Typing only with my left hand is surely a skill I have yet to perfect. (As are brushing my teeth/hair, getting dressed and sweeping floors left-handedly.)

    Gah, okay, I've been typing for a whole hour now. It's far more strain than my wrist can handle, and the pain is driving me insane, so I bid you all good night. See you around! :)

    All is well

    May. 1st, 2008 12:06 pm
    It's Labour Day weekend and quite a few people are coming to Vertigo. I'm very happy about this, and for some reason feel more sociable than I had in a long time. The apartment's insanely stocked up with all sorts of beverages and junk food; it's very nostalgic, and reminiscent of when my life used to be like this every day. Good times.

    There are always background issues, of course, and every other day I seem to come across an insane yet completely true bit of gossip or secret that totally shocks me. Nevertheless, everything seems...almost right in the world. I don't know, I just feel—aah. Content. Or something.

    ... I swear that's not even the residual blood in my alcohol system talking.

    Small TV-related rambling; tiny spoilers for House, Doctor Who, Grey's, Scrubs, Brothers and Sisters )

    And while I'm on the subject of Doctor Who and stuff, I have to mention that David Tennant's role as the lead character in Casanova is insanely endearing. One can hardly credit me for coverting poor [ profile] firstlightofeos and [ profile] _thirty2flavors to Who when Tennant clearly does the job on his own with remarkable ease.

    I took a silly quiz I saw in [ profile] inksplotched's LJ, and look!

    You know the Bible 100%!

    Wow! You are awesome! You are a true Biblical scholar, not just a hearer but a personal reader! The books, the characters, the events, the verses - you know it all! You are fantastic!

    Ultimate Bible Quiz
    Create Quizzes

    I'm so shocked.

    Also, almost done judging my Hourglass categories. Yay for not having procrastinated too much!
    I've just watched U2 3D. Twice, but that's not the point. Although one of them was in an IMAX theatre, and that was just...all kinds of brilliant. And MAN. It's incredible. It took all of three minutes for me to remember all the reasons that this is my favourite band. And then a few seconds after that I was craving going to another of their shows—so badly. Gah.

    But the movie is absolutely, mind-blowingly brilliant. It feels right. It captured the spirit of the Vertigo tour well enough; plus, Latin American audiences are always far more interesting than those in the North. *grins* It's awesome to see thousands and thousands of people punching the air and yelling "NO MORE!" several times. And singing along to every single song. Woot. I'm pretty sure they used the Brazilian audio in a few songs, but I can't really pinpoint which ones. Perhaps Sunday Bloody Sunday and/or Pride... I'm just not sure. Egh. The fact that the footage is totally mixed up (you get one take of the crowd in Buenos Aires, immediately followed by another of one in Brazil, that sort of thing) kind of threw me off. *sighs*

    Sunday Bloody Sunday and The Fly are the best parts of the film, in my opinion. I missed City of Blinding Lights, but oh well, you can't have everything. And Bono totally screwed up a bit in Sometimes You Can't Make It on Your Own *laughs* But it's all good, it's all crazy!Bono. Especially when he does things like grabbing Adam's leg out of the blue while singing the bit in Bullet about Jacob wrestling the angel. *grins*

    Just to top it off, they used the 2/21/06 Brazilian version of Where the Streets Have No Name! *smirks* I was probably the only one in the cinema who laughed when Bono went "Peru...wake up in a dream! [crowd: *cheers*] Nicaragua...wake up in a dream! [crowd: *cheers*] Chile...wake up in a dream! [crowd: *cheers*] Argentina! [crowd: *BOOS VERY LOUDLY*]" *snerk* I love my country. (No offence, [ profile] latine, but picking on Argentineans is what we do best.)

    I'm totally going to watch U23D again tomorrow.


    I'm leaving London tomorrow! I'm not all really happy to leave—it feels like I've been away from home for ages, but at the same time it feels as though I'm going back way too soon. *sighs* And, of course, London is awesome, and I'd love to be back someday. Ah, well. After spending several days worrying about packing and shipping stuff home so that everything will fit in my suitcase, though, I'm glad I won't have to think about that again.

    I'm bringing home a suitcase full of DVDs, and I'm dreading the thought of reorganising the collection once I get home, but oh well. (I bought a ton of Doctor Who-related things, including many classic Who DVDs... and a three-foot Dalek. I don't think I'll ever get any geekier, seriously.) I also bought two geeky gifts for [ profile] firstlightofeos and [ profile] keshi_t on a whim today—I'm pretty sure they'll like it. *grins*

    ...Also, I don't think I want to eat chips again for at least a few weeks. Or months. *groans* Oh God. I don't think I spent a single day here without eating potatoes in some form. Ugh.

    On a random note, I saw four mice on random streets here today. *grimaces* We don't get those in Brazil, man. That's just very, very odd.
    I'm all done with Hopelessly Addicted chapter 5. Reformatting it well enough to be posted at and is more than I can be bothered to do at the moment, though, so it is. *sighs* The formatting went all wonky, and I almost kicked the internet out of my Mac while trying to fix it, but everything should be all right now.

    So, what I said about House, M.D. in the last post (obsessive addiction, etc.) can now be applied to Doctor Who and Torchwood as well (again, yes, I do realise I'm quite possibly the last person on Earth to have discovered all about them). I spent this entire week--who needs studying?--going through the two seasons of DW and the two episodes of Torchwood (brilliant, by the way, bloody brilliant). The amount of love I have for British sarcasm has always been immeasurable--it's even more so now. *beams* Pity DW's only coming back next year, though. Meh.

    Also... Captain Jack Harkness. 'Nuff said.

    *off to search for Whofic*


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