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I'm a Classics grad student living in the UK, in fandom for—Christ—well over half my life now, in way too many fandoms to mention. I'm a proud OTW staffer, too! I don't update DW/LJ much, but I'm very much still around, as you can see in any of these:
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    Basically, if you see a 'Christy Corr' anywhere online, chances are that it's me. Or uh, some random doctor in Texas. (Sorry for completely screwing up your internet footprint, Dr Corr.)

    Layout & mini icon credits here @ [ profile] noveltybox • Merlin mood theme by [ profile] spirograph
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    42, alan ball, alias, aziraphale/crowley, band of brothers, barney stinson, barney/robin, battlestar galactica, being mean, bones, british spelling, buffy the vampire slayer, canon slash, chris pine, chuck, chuck palahniuk, colleen mccullough, criminal minds, csi, cult films, dave grohl, david tennant, dead like me, death note, dexter, discworld, doctor who, dollhouse, donna noble, douglas adams, dr. horrible's sing-along blog, dumbledore/grindelwald, dvds, evil overlords, facepalming, fandom, fandom wank, fight club, firefly, foo fighters, forty-two, friends, fringe, gaius julius caesar, generation kill, gilmore girls, good omens, google, harry potter, hating chocolate, headdesk, heroes, hijacking, himym, his dark materials, hourglass awards, hugh laurie, icon-hunting, in treatment, inside jokes, j. r. r. tolkien, j.j. abrams, james bond, james marsters, jane austen, jasper fforde, jon stewart, joseph campbell, joss whedon, kings, kirk/mccoy, kirk/spock, lens flares, leverage, library of congress, lie to me, lily/james, lord of the rings, macbooks, mediawiki, merlin, merlin/arthur, monty python, musicals, mythology, neil gaiman, neil patrick harris, numb3rs, obsessions, oscars, otw, philip roth, piano, pirates of the caribbean, procrastination, psychic icon generators, pulp fiction, pushing daisies, quentin tarantino, raito/l, red meat, remus/sirius, roman history, sanctuary, sandman, sarcasm, scrubs, serenity, six feet under, slash, smoking, southern vampire series, star trek, star trek xi, star wars, stargate atlantis, steven moffat, supernatural, sylar, t. s. eliot, terry pratchett, tetris, the colbert report, the corrs, the daily show, the matrix, the mentalist, the shoebox project, the west wing, true blood, twitter, u2, unknowable room,, unknowablewiki,, v for vendetta, vampire chronicles, vertigo, virginia woolf, watchmen, werecollies, whiskey lullaby, wibbly-wobbly timey-wimey stuff, wikipedia, world domination, world of warcraft, zachary quinto

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