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Hi! Thank you so much for volunteering to write these fandoms—I'm going to be really giddy with anything you come up with, so don't worry. All my requests are more like guidelines; Optional Details Are Optional all the way, feel free to write something else if you get an idea you're excited about. I'll list some likes/dislikes below in case that helps, but please don't feel you need to include any of it, and feel free to disregard it all, too, if it works for your story. If you have a good time writing it, I'll enjoy reading!

Things I love: UST, banter, angsty and/or fucked-up characters and interactions, clever characters actually being clever, open relationships and/or interesting poly dynamics, awesome female characters, dubcon, infidelity, kidfic, domesticity, post-break-up, fake relationship, hatesex, denial/delay, voyeurism, pining, and soulbonds. I love short PWPs and long plotty fics alike; go for any tense, rating and genre you prefer.

Things I dislike: gratuitous character bashing, 'making love,' 'cum,' watersports, scat, graphic non-con, rape as plot device to lead to h/c, first person POV.

In case you happen to want to poke around my accounts, have at it: [ profile] christycorr; [ profile] christycorr; [ profile] christycorr; [ profile] christycorr.

Captive Prince - C. S. Pacat

Damen, Laurent

What I love most about Captive Prince is how learning trust and reluctant affection go hand in hand for Damen and Laurent—how difficult it is for them to deal with their respective baggages, learn each other's boundaries and to really get to a place where they really see each other as people and feel it's them against the world. I wish this fandom were bigger, because I'd want to see this slow progression and trust-building explored in a thousand different universes, in all kind of contexts: from modern royalty to news staff, space to heist, lawyer to accidental soulbond. It would be amazing to see timetravel or groundhog day fic, if you'd be up for making one of them trying to push to get there faster and how that would work.

Canon 'verse would be great too—showing Laurent's side of any book events or an outsider POV, or a slice of life futurefic depicting the two of them learning and shaping the dynamics of their future court together, weaving intricate plots and dealing with cultural differences, or a fork-in-the-road change of some kind. (Just please no Auguste lives fluffy canon AUs; I mean, feel free to have him alive or not, he's fine, but the fandom has several of those already :D)

The Broken Earth - N. K. Jemisin

Damaya | Essun | Syenite, Alabaster, Innon

So—while I adore the books' atmosphere, deep inside I've spent way too long wishing I could read a million words of Syen/Innon/Alabaster negotiation fic. The book just skipped over so much of what I would've loved to read about how they found their eventual balance; I'm sure it wasn't fast or easy but, considering how different their personalities are, it must've been fascinating. I'd happily read Syen and Alabaster arguing about orogeny or Coru or, whatever, laundry, as they find that place of complete familiarity they're in by Castrima. It could be the three of them figuring out how they fit together in or out of bed. It could be it-takes-a-village fic about how their family fits into Meov (or doesn't) and how others perceive them.

You're welcome to make this funny or fluffy or painful or anything you like—anything goes, really, AUs included. I'd just like to see a bit more of that part of their lives and how they learned to heal (and then got so much more horribly broken) together.

(I've read The Obelisk Gate, by the way, so if you want to include anything from it, that's totally fine.)

Temeraire - Naomi Novik


I love, love, love reading Temeraire himself puzzling out human politics and blundering his way around them to try to fix things—his outsider POVs often manage to be both on point and 'oh, sweet summer child' all at once. I don't mind it if it's canon-verse politics, pre-canon politics, modern politics or anything in between (be it future fic or AU), but if there's anything in politics, history or culture in any country you find particularly interesting and think might work better with an awesome dragon (or several), go for it. I will be over the moon with, say, Temeraire and Queen Victoria just sharing tea and snarking. Temeraire and Brexit—hell, Temeraire versus Donald Trump. The possibilities are endless!

I'll be happy with any and all ships you might want to go for, in any level of prominence. If you're in the mood to write a shippy fic, that will be great—gen will be equally awesome, so it's up to you.

Whatever you choose, thank you so much for writing this! I hope you have a good time. And as I said up there: please feel free to disregard my suggestions if the mood strikes and you have a different burst of inspiration.
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