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If you volunteered to write for one of my fandoms, trust me, I already think you're beyond awesome. Thank you so much ♥ I'm generally quite easy to please ficwise—there's very little I absolutely won't read, and I'm sure I'll enjoy anything you come up with! I'll list some of my favourite tropes and some of the things I dislike the most below, but please consider these more like vague guidelines—please disregard any and all of my preferences if the mood strikes you!

Things I adore: UST, witty banter, fucked-up characters and interactions, clever characters actually being clever, open relationships and/or interesting poly dynamics, awesome female characters, any and all geeky references, dubcon, infidelity, kidfic, domesticity, post-break-up, fake relationship, hatesex, denial/delay, voyeurism and soulbonds. I'm really big on shameless idfic! Feel free to include kink of any kind. I'm not picky—if you think it's hot, sell me on it!

I'm open to as much or as little angst or fluff as you wish. Quick and dirty PWP is awesome; plotty longfic is equally awesome. I love AUs, all kinds—from porn to coffeeshop, dentist to utterly cracktastic. Canon settings are amazing, too! I love genfic, het, femmeslash, slash and otherfic alike; any of those, or any combination thereof, in any rating, will be very welcome! If you do something unorthodox with the story format, I may just love you forever and ever. In case you're like me and want to dig around my accounts everywhere: [pinboard.in profile] christycorr; [archiveofourown.org profile] christycorr; [twitter.com profile] christycorr; [tumblr.com profile] christycorr.

Things I dislike: the word 'lover' (seriously, I cannot stress this enough), 'making love,' 'cum,' character bashing, watersports/scat, graphic non-con, rape as plot device to lead to h/c. I'm also not a big fan of incest. First-person narration is not my favourite, but if you must, *shrugs*.

Thursday Next - Jasper Fforde
I would love to get a glimpse of fanfiction in Thursday's world. How are all those abandoned kinkmeme prompts doing in the Well? How do Jurisfiction handle conflicts between fanon and canon characters in BookWorld? Alternatively, if crossover's more your cup of tea: it would be awesome to see the insides of a still-under-copyright book series like Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, and Discworld (any others would be welcome too!). Or! PICKWICK: A MEMOIR, oh my God, that would be beyond incredible. <3 I have so much love for Thursday's world and everything and everyone in it, from Colonel Next to Zvlkx—knock yourself out, I'll adore anything you write! (Especially if there are footnotes! I love Fforde footnotes!)

(Or footnotes in general, really, if you happen to want to include them in one of the other prompts. I love all footnotes equally with a love deep and true—I'm in academia, after all. :D)

Masters of Rome - Colleen McCullough
I would love anything in this 'verse—a character study would be brilliant, a fresh take on an actual historical event would be equally amazing, any kind of AU (really. any.) would also blow my mind. Anything Caesar-centric would be fantastic—I love his interactions with Servilia, in particular, they're so deliciously fucked up—but, speaking of fucked-up, I really really love Sulla too, so if you want to tackle him, by all means do so! The women in the series are unbelievably awesome, and I would be thrilled to see something centred on any of them (Aurelia! <3 <3), especially the ones who don't get that much of a spotlight—Marius's Julia comes to mind, for one. I love the way the narration outwardly subscribes to the traditional Roman way of looking at women, only to undermine it at every turn. In short: these are all just random ideas, just pick something you like and run away with it, I'll love it no matter what. Publius Rutilius Rufus letterfic? Bring it on. First Triumvirate crackfic? Hell yes. Livia Drusa angst? Yessss. Caesarion what-if fic? Oh my God, yes. Calpurnia POV? Whoo! Nicomedes IV and Mithridates banterfic? Shiny! A touching, heartbreaking narration centred on Caesar's horse Toes? I might just love you forever. I have a soft spot for tribunes of the plebs, so if you want to deal with Roman politics, holy fuck, go to town, that would be perfection.

(As the geeksplosion up here can attest, Roman history is kind of my bread-and-butter IRL, but don't let that scare you away! I haven't got any intention at all of nitpicking what you write for historical accuracy and whatnot, don't worry about it ♥ But if you happen to use any Latin swearing I may end up melting in a puddle of glee.)

Sweep - Cate Tiernan
I belatedly realise I should've noticed this fandom's tag listing was missing so many characters before nominations ended, so anyway—feel free to ignore this, but one character I would really love to know more about is Ciaran MacEwan. I don't mean you need to justify any of the absolutely horrible things he's done—I like him just as awful as he is in canon, with his backwards reasonings for all the crap he's pulled—but he's fascinating nonetheless, and his relationship with Maeve sounds like it could have been brilliant, if rather unhealthy. This pairing pushes all my buttons for fucked-up dynamics, and I would really love to see more of them somehow—a slight AU, or a missing moment that we didn't get to see in the series. But! Optional prompt details are optional. I love Sky, too, and Raven, and Selene, so anything centred on them would be amazing! Hunter is also brilliant—and Morgan, ohh, either growing or grown-up Morgan, she's just so very interesting, and there's always so much potential there! It would be fantastic to read more about Morgan and Hunter post-series, or anything Moira-centric.

I used to love these books when I was younger, and decided to pick them up again after making this request, so maybe the details above didn't do my enthusiasm justice. It's just—oh, Morgan, she is such a great character—I love her evolution throughout the books, her self-discovery, how she learns to cope with the backstory that keeps showing up to screw her over. I especially love it that she does a full 360 in the end and owns up to being Morgan Riordan of Belwicket! So really, gen characterfic of Morgan at any stage would make me very, very happy. If you want to write shippyfic, by all means go ahead—Cal's tormented mindfuckery, the awesome hate/love, push-pull thing she and Hunter have going on at the beginning (they keep negotiating boundaries, aww ♥), the fluff that follows, then all the angst, then the adorable domesticity—take your pick, I'll eat it up with a spoon, promise! (If you want to come up with any non-canon ships, feel free!) Also, I wasn't kidding about those minor characters—I would gladly sell my soul for Selene or Maeve fic. I'm so sorry! I know how awful overly-open requests can be. I hope my ramblings are at least a little helpful?

La Femme Nikita
Crap, I completely forgot to add characters to this tag set, too. Okay! So, here's an option with characters you may not want to deal with at all: if things had turned out differently, maybe Elena and Nikita would've had to learn how to live with each other—probably without a lot of help or input from Michael, considering all his...Michaelness. This can be friendshipfic, hatefic, USTfic, piningfic, Nikita/Michael, Elena/Michael, Nikita/Elena, Nikita/Elena/Michael, whichever you prefer; I'm not picky. I would also love to have a closer look at Madeline—I really adore watching her manipulate everyone, and find her personality endlessly fascinating—or Birkhoff—who got a really rough deal in the show, and whom I'd love to actually get to know in more detail. Operations could be really awesome too! Missionfic, characterfic, gen or shippy, do as you will!

Sorry, I ran away with the Elena thing a bit, because it was what led me to think of this fandom in the first place—but don't fret if you get assigned this! I'm not expecting shippy fic at all. I really, really love Madeline, and to a slightly lesser extent Operations—I adore Magnificent Bastards as a rule, and I just appreciate her style and her subtleness more than his forcefulness, but of course they work off of each other in brilliant ways. I will be over the moon if you write the two of them just having a conversation about anything whatsoever. (Or having sex, if that floats your boat. Or hey, talking while having sex! With each other or with anyone else. Whichever.) Ahem. Anyway. Character study of either would be really welcome too ♥ AND BIRKHOFF. I love Birkhoff, and I never know whether I want to give him a hug and never let go or just stare at him do his thing forever. His storyline breaks my heart, and if you want to do anything regarding him—anything at all—I'd be ridiculously happy :D

Thank you, dear Yulegoat, you're brilliant. ♥ I hope you have a good time writing this! If you by any chance want to ask any questions or whatever, feel free to leave a comment!
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