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I'm not much of a pet person, but for some reason or another I've had birds, rabbits, cats, dogs, chicks, ducks and fish at different points in life (and an opossum, but not willingly). Of all the above, cats are undoubtedly my favourites.

So I've had [ profile] nancy_downs' cat, Felicia, staying over for the past few days while she's out of town. This has provided me with one major source of amusement: some of my friends are terrified of/disgusted by cats, and have gone so far as to squeal and climb the nearest piece of furniture whenever the (tiny, very docile and totally adorable) cat enters the room. *snerk*

Things I Have Learned While Baby-Sitting the Cat )

In other news, I've put together a list of 50 Merlin fic recs for [ profile] kirrea. If you've watched the series, check it out! There's a shitload of crack, some angst, some smut, some drama...well, basically, a bit of everything. *grins*

I have not posted here about #amazonfail, Dreamwidth or Susan Boyles. Just for the record: 1) I covered the first one at Twitter on the day of; 2) I'll create a DW account on the 30th, as soon as open beta starts; 3) I have watched the video, I do think her voice is nice, but I honestly don't get why everyone's making such a huge fuss.

Oh, and [ profile] afterthree and I are working on a not-very-secret project that we're having some fun planning. Ho hum.
So on December 31st, 2005, I was dating [ profile] nancy_downs, and after watching the Copacabana fireworks she and I ran home because of a silly resolution we'd made concerning the 42nd minute of 2006. *grins* The next morning, I woke up to find that she had spilled a glass of water on my iBook—which caused me to be computerless for several weeks. (So. Not. On.)

And on December 31st, 2006, everyone left Vertigo soon after the fireworks; [ profile] paradoxo_mental, [ profile] dianaprallon and I got ridiculously drunk in about half an hour, and then we slept. (Meh.)

On December 31st, 2007, someone said right after midnight, "Hey, guys, have you realised that this will be our first year with no Harry Potter to look forward to?" *laughs* Depressing much? It was a quiet New Year's, for the most part, and there were very few people here. I passed by my grandfather's and he slapped me a few times, which was kind of dreadful. Oh well. (*sighs*)

On December 31st, 2008, my house was astonishingly clean and organised all afternoon—we all worked hard to get it that way. It got messier as the night went on, but for the most part the big problem was people's dirty feet after they came home from the beach, which we tried to solve by having everyone leave their shoes outside the apartment. Spilled beer and the occasional accident aside, it's really not so bad. (And our landlord can't even complain about the party—everyone's allowed to be loud on New Year's.) People drank quite a bit, danced loads, sang, jumped, and seriously—it was without a doubt my best New Year's yet.

The most iconic moment of the night was in all likelihood all of us coming home drenched in champagne after popping open more than 10 bottles while watching the fireworks. [ profile] stheh and [ profile] discreetly had a champagne fight and everything. *laughs* Or perhaps it was [ profile] firstlightofeos teaching my friends the proper choreography to the Spice Girls' Stop Right Now while everyone sang it at the top of their lungs.

(Legendary. *grins*)

But I can't believe [ profile] firstlightofeos is leaving in just a few hours *pouts* Damn.
I have a very, very serious problem I could really use your help with.

a picture is worth a thousand words and all that. )

I swear I'm not joking. *grins* I've no idea what to do, and I've wasted far too much time thinking this through. Help?
My grandfather died today—well, yesterday, shortly before midnight. I spent all day at his viewing; the funeral will be tomorrow.

He was a wonderful parent, grandparent, mentor, teacher, everything; he taught me to read and write at the tender age of two, against the wishes of the whole family. He guided my literary initiation—from Verne to Dumas, Verissimo to Monteiro Lobato, Stendhal to Marquez. He was, by far, the person I looked up to the most, regardless of—and partly due to—his many character flaws.

He was obsessive, obnoxious, stubborn, chauvinistic (and an incorrigible philanderer to boot), arrogant, and a hypochondriac worrywart. He was lovable, kind, generous, creative, and unbelievably brilliant.

He lived a full life, and experienced everything he wanted to, always. He had a slow, painful death, which ended in several months' worth of alternating total dementia and quasi-comatose unconsciousness. It was the one thing he never wanted, but we didn't have a choice. When we realised it was coming, he was no longer in a position to make the choice we knew he would have preferred.

As I hoped, I have already forgotten (for the most part) the past year's medical torture that was inflicted on him. I remember him as he was before—his jokes, his impossibly encyclopaedia-like knowledge, the way he (unlike everyone else in the family) made an effort to demonstrate his affections, the way he could spin any story to make it sound fantastic and hilarious.

I sort of wish I didn't feel like a goddamn orphan knowing that he's gone, but the support of [ profile] dianaprallon, [ profile] nancy_downs, [ profile] plasticiner, [ profile] defexxx, [ profile] deadcinderella, [ profile] magnun and many others is a safety net I knew I could count on. I'll never be able to thank you guys properly—you know me *grins*—but I know you know how much it meant to me to have you there :)

I will miss you, grandpa, but I know you deserved better than the life you were being forced to live here. For many months now, the song Kite hardly ever failed to bring tears to my eyes because of you; now it's at last a song of relief for me—pain, sure, and longing, but mostly relief.

Rest in peace ♥
Happy Liza Doolittle Day!

I've been getting strange Trio-era plot bunnies all afternoon. I blame [ profile] afterthree. Damn you, Chelle!

I'm on my way to the post office, to pick up a box of DVDs. Alas, there's no more space for them in the apartment; I've no idea what [ profile] plasticiner and I will do about that.

Also, happy birthday, [ profile] bazcat89!
Today is Bono's birthday! I hope he had an awesome day ♥

Hourglass voting ends tonight. Ho hum. I still have a few fics to go, but I'm pretty sure I'll finish in time; I hope other people do, too. I'm definitely looking forward to seeing the results! I do so wish [ profile] oxys_kai_moros wouldn't be away for the weekend, but oh well—we can wait until Monday. *takes a deep breath*

In other news, there will in all likelihood be a new Shoebox chapter next week. And of course I'm NOT EXCITED. NOT AT ALL. The possibility doesn't even give me an irresistible urge (*snerk*) for CAPSLOCKING SHIT. SQUEE.

Arthur ([ profile] dianaprallon's two-year-old son) is sick—it's so frustrating. He looks sad and tired most of the time when he has a temperature. (You can tell he's really tired when he can hardly sing along to the Potter Puppet Pals video The Mysterious Ticking Noise.) Powerlessness sucks. Grah.

Mother's Day starts in a few hours, so... [ profile] queenofbabble: I know you've been insanely busy, and that we hardly ever get to talk these days, but I hope you get life sorted out. And stuff. :)

I joined [ profile] ontd_twilight a couple of weeks ago. I'm still not sure what to make of the Twilight fandom. I wonder if they will ever run out of wankage; it's amusing that they haven't already, considering that the books have considerably less wank fodder than, say, Harry Potter. And Smeyer herself is so mockable and ridiculous that just ... I don't know, I don't get it. And it's starting to get less entertaining to point and laugh, because the wank gets repetitive and boring. Also, I'd had enough of ship wars for a lifetime long before I read Twilight.

I'm also rather excited with the last few episodes of Grey's Anatomy, which pleased me more than anything since Meredith on morphine in very early season 3.

I have this song stuck in my head, thanks to [ profile] anokam.

Arthur's taken some Tylenol, and is looking perkier. Yay!
I find it amusing that anyone who saw me in the past few weekends would have concluded that I have a boyfriend. I don't, not technically—Romulus is Diana's boyfriend, but my interaction with him is both hilarious and highly uncharacteristic. ...On the other hand, the same outside observer could have concluded just as easily that I'm dating [ profile] dianaprallon. It makes perfect sense, of course, all things considered, but it's still entertaining.

You know that music meme that's been around a million times and yet people still do it somewhat frequently? I myself have done so about three times already. So.

Here it goes again. Guess the song, etc. You know the drill. )

Your LJ Slut Stats!
Out of your 205 friends, percentages you have:



seen shirtless

seen naked

had net sex

made out with

had oral sex


Get your LJ Slut Stats!

I'm so pure and innocent.

Oh, and [ profile] bazcat89 asked me to join an anonymeme, so hop on over if you have anything to say about me :)
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I've been watching a few episodes of Six Feet Under with Romulus, Diana and Sirius today, and it just...the affection I have for this show overwhelms me from time to time. It's just so brilliant, so perfect, so fucking real. Never mind that the last ten minutes of the series finale definitely rank among the best TV moments of all time; the whole thing is just mind-blowingly good—characters (even the annoying ones), romance, pop culture references, jokes, fantasy sequences, settings, deaths, everything.

If you haven't watched it yet, give Six Feet Under a try. Watch two or three episodes, and I swear it will be very easy to understand why this show is my off-the-charts all-time favourite (and that of [ profile] firstlightofeos, [ profile] nancy_downs, [ profile] deadcinderella, [ profile] plasticiner and many others).

Eh. I ended up neglecting the top fives in that meme. I may get back to them someday. In any case, here are my top ten SFU-defining quotes:

1. "This is fucked up."

2. "Are you familiar with the psychological term 'projection?'"

3. "You can't take a picture of this; it's already gone."

4. "Why do people have to die?" "To make life important."

5. "I wish that just once people wouldn't act like the clichés that they are."

6. "What do you think? You can do anything, you lucky bastard, you're alive! What's a little pain compared to that?"

7. "You sit in such judgement of the world... How do you expect to ever be a part of it?"

8. "Truth and relationships don't make life easy. They make it possible."

9. "No mistake you guys are undertakers! You take every fucking feeling you have, put it in a box, and bury it."

10. "There's a lot more insanity in the world than people realise. Sometimes I'm surprised it's just not total mayhem out there."

All is well

May. 1st, 2008 12:06 pm
It's Labour Day weekend and quite a few people are coming to Vertigo. I'm very happy about this, and for some reason feel more sociable than I had in a long time. The apartment's insanely stocked up with all sorts of beverages and junk food; it's very nostalgic, and reminiscent of when my life used to be like this every day. Good times.

There are always background issues, of course, and every other day I seem to come across an insane yet completely true bit of gossip or secret that totally shocks me. Nevertheless, everything seems...almost right in the world. I don't know, I just feel—aah. Content. Or something.

... I swear that's not even the residual blood in my alcohol system talking.

Small TV-related rambling; tiny spoilers for House, Doctor Who, Grey's, Scrubs, Brothers and Sisters )

And while I'm on the subject of Doctor Who and stuff, I have to mention that David Tennant's role as the lead character in Casanova is insanely endearing. One can hardly credit me for coverting poor [ profile] firstlightofeos and [ profile] _thirty2flavors to Who when Tennant clearly does the job on his own with remarkable ease.

I took a silly quiz I saw in [ profile] inksplotched's LJ, and look!

You know the Bible 100%!

Wow! You are awesome! You are a true Biblical scholar, not just a hearer but a personal reader! The books, the characters, the events, the verses - you know it all! You are fantastic!

Ultimate Bible Quiz
Create Quizzes

I'm so shocked.

Also, almost done judging my Hourglass categories. Yay for not having procrastinated too much!


Oct. 14th, 2007 02:23 am
Seguinte. Eu acabei de organizar um inventário dos meus DVDs, e tem dezenas de filmes faltando. Eu tenho uma vaga noção de pelo menos 30 que não estão aqui, mas certamente há mais que eu não estou lembrando.


Não é nem questão de "Devolva agora". Eu simplesmente quero saber quais estão de fato perdidos. OK? :)

Super injusto, cara. Estão faltando desde Rocky Horror Picture Show a Finding Nemo, passando por Love Actually, todos os DVDs de Monty Python, A pequena sereia e Kill Bill. .__.


Sep. 2nd, 2007 02:58 pm
My shiny new black MacBook has finally arrived! It is sleek and gorgeous.

I haven't decided what to name him yet. Bah. I want to honour my HP obsession, but I read The Kindly Ones last night and my Sandman love has been rekindled; I may call him Morpheus. Plus, it's a nice tribute to my old Matrix obsession.

(And the Dream King totally deserves it. He's so awesome.)

Oh, decisions, decisions...

*glances at MacBook* Fine. I've made up my mind.

Welcome to the family, Morpheus. *hugs* I hope you get along well with Marvin, Aziraphale and Macphisto. And your lesser cousins (ew, PCs) Crowley and Echelon. :D

And now I'm off to format Morpheus and re-install OS X and related apps (like hell I'd leave the (Portuguese) installation made by those incompetents at the non-Apple-exclusive store run on my baby). Ta!

Lucky Man

Nov. 24th, 2006 12:43 am
Happy (belated) Thanksgiving!

I'm thankful for chicken.
I'm thankful for getting drunk and smoking our brains out.
I'm thankful for room mates and someone to share house-related obsessions with.
I'm thankful for hurried warnings that whoever's on the way to the house--"Hide everything! NOW!"
I'm thankful for getting computer help at any time by dialing 24.
I'm thankful for fellow Six Feet Under and Prison Break watchers. (House someday, maybe?)
I'm thankful for a hard drive stuffed with music I may have never listened to, but that is probably quite good.
I'm thankful for skirts and handcuffs.
I'm thankful for drinking water after coffee.
I'm thankful for vases, whales and Volkswagen.
I'm thankful for March 9th.
I'm thankful for Donald Duck.
I'm thankful for having a partner for late-night card games.
I'm thankful for this "boyfriend" of mine and long conversations with every relative regarding the subject.
I'm thankful for this insane and absurdly recent friendship.
I'm thankful for Michael Scofield.
I'm thankful for lucky men.

Happy birthday, [ profile] plasticiner. =D
My apartment's been remodelling for months now, and it's finally over! I moved here a couple of weeks ago. There are still plenty of boxes everywhere, but little by little I'm getting settled. Oh, it's so great to be back here, living "alone" (of course the likes of [ profile] defexxx, [ profile] nancy_downs and [ profile] plasticiner are here on a daily basis), with no curfew or anything...

Classes start on Monday. I don't feel particularly yay-ful, mostly because these holidays went by extremely fast, but hey, it'll be good to return to some sort of routine. I haven't slept before 4 a.m. in well over a month, I think.

Also, being here also means I have no cable modem (yet), and therefore am stuck on dial-up for the time being. I haven't flisted in a month or so--I hope everyone's all right! How are you all, by the way?

P.S. I apologise for the somewhat stacatto post. I honestly don't know what came over me. *blinks*
Que divertido! Ele voltou com força total, e agora eu conheço o fandom bem melhor do que antes =D Vamos às frases.

Jogo do covarde, versão 2.0 )

Gente, que divertido =D
Papai mandou x) )

I'm watching Donnie Darko for the upteenth time *___*

It's so magical \o/

I want a huge poster of Frank staring at my bed, perhaps even slightly glowing-in-the-dark-ish. *_* Honestly.

My posts are so full of information, so exciting. *sighs* I haven't been doing much. My summer could easily be summed up with the So Young lyrics. It's amazing, really. *laughs*


Feb. 5th, 2006 05:38 pm


Show do U2 dia 21, aí vou eu /o/


S2 Defex, meu filho maravilhoso, perfeito e lindíssimo, que conseguiu ligar *___*
S2 Meea, Dé, Holy, Nai, Rê, Lu e Lucas, que ficaram tentando

Trabalho em família *_*

Juro que morro feliz. xD

ETA I just got tickets to the U2 concert in São Paulo. Just in case the huge banner and the squeeing wasn't enough of a hint. Squeee!
christycorr: Tenth Doctor (Doctor Who) (*wibble*)
É. Casa vazia. Ninguém esperando para usar o computador. Compras modestas. Sem planejar refeições. Sem ninguém pisando forte, falando alto. Sem Friends ou Lost passando, vinte quatro horas por dia, no meu quarto. Sem três pessoas por cama de casal. Ninguém ocupando o "quarto dos infernos" ou o "quarto do sexo". Sem ninguém acordando no fim da tarde, já quase noite. Sem buraco, sem tranca, ou mal-mal. Sem Rei. Sem maços de cigarro por todo canto. Sem ter que comprar pelo menos cinco por dia. Sem cinzeiros mil pela casa. Ninguém derruba mais cinza em lugar nenhum. Sem falta de isqueiros. Sem copos sendo quebrados diariamente. Louça suja ridícula de pouca. Sem Sucrilhos de manhã; já não se compra mais leite. Sem tédios de ficar conversando sobre qualquer coisa, ou ficar em silêncio. Sem ninguém para notar que o SESC está azul. Sem "Don't Go Away" tocando sem parar no iTunes. Sem biscoitos abertos por todo o canto. Sem refrigerante na geladeira. Sem Fanta com vodka. Sem pânico de ter que esconder tudo no dia seguinte. Sem ninguém...

Eu sabia que ia ser difícil, mas não tanto assim.

Amo vocês. Amo todos vocês, MUITO. E juro que estou morrendo de saudades. x.x

, quem dera que você tivesse ficado.
Nan, saudades x.x
Biel, se você continuar achando que eu te odeio, juro que te jogo da janela >.<
Vika, queria que você voltasse =/
, você ficou muito pouco tempo ._.
Defex, não quer vir morar aqui, não?
, te amo. Mesmo. ó_ò
Ricardo, não desapareça ¬¬
Lu... boa viagem. x_X

Foram as melhores férias que já passei aqui. Obrigada, obrigada, obrigada. Mas por que tinham que ir embora? .___.

"I'm in the junkie limbo at the moment. Too ill to sleep, too tired to stay awake, but the sickness is on its way. Sweat, chills, nausea, pain and craving. A need like nothing else I've ever known will soon take hold of me. It's on its way." - Renton, 'Trainspotting'

Nobody said it was easy
No one ever said it would be this hard
Oh, take me back to the start...
(It's not Father's Day anywhere else, I believe, so I won't even bother translating.)


Nunca sei quem é pai de quem nessa família maluca.

Mas quero desejar, sinceramente, um


pra todos os pais surtados, doidos e maravilhosos do fandom!

Com destaque especial para, é óbvio, o melhor pai do mundo (ou seja, o meu): Dé! o/ Te amo, pai, apesar da sua corvinalidade! ♥!

Também, Deus, ou seja, a [ profile] garotadogelo (que, caso não saibam e tenham perdido os últimos 2000 anos de história ocidental, é pai de Jesus, aka [ profile] nancy_downs)... Minha irmãzinha borboletária *___*

E meu filho, é claro, o Defex, que é o pai hipersupermagnífico da Meea (que por acaso é minha mãe. ¬¬')! FELIZ DIA DOS PAIS, filhote! Te amo muuuuuuito! (e espero te ver essa semana xD o/)

Hoje é o meu dia também! \o/ Sou pai da [ profile] paradoxo_mental, que só tem eu -- nossa pequena família se dá muitíssimo bem. *___* Te amo, filha! =****

- Prica - feliiiz xD


Jul. 11th, 2005 12:38 pm
O porteiro ligou para a minha mãe, avisando que veio gente aqui.

Vocês não. Têm. Noção. Da merda que deu.

Em risco estão minha ida para São Paulo, minha posse do computador, além de, aparentemente, a sanidade mental dos meus futuros filhos e minha reputação junto à família.

(Liga não, mamãe adora dar uma de profeta, estilo macumba. Só que de vez em quando dá certo.)

(Ela também adora ser fascista, e certamente está afiando as unhas enquanto vem pra cá.)

Sabe aquele momento em Bridget Jones quando o Daniel Cleaver nota que ela está falando de um cara morto? Aparece uma palavra na tela, bem expressiva:


Non-Brazilians: don't worry. It's not the end of the world. I'm just in trouble with mum because of last weekend.
Tagged by [ profile] titou_moony:

Total amount of music in my PC > Eh. 20-30 GB, I'd say.
Song I'm listening to at the moment > It Don't Mean A Thing (If It Ain't Got That Swing)
Last CD bought > The Foo Fighters' latest (well, [temporarily] stolen)

5 songs that are dear to me and that I listen to often:

1> Whiskey Lullaby - Brad Paisley & Alison Krauss
2> I Never Loved You Anyway - The Corrs
3> Wake Me Up When September Ends - Green Day
4> Best of You - Foo Fighters
5> Hallelujah - Jeff Buckley

5 people I tag to pass this on:

[ profile] nancy_downs
[ profile] firstlightofeos
[ profile] ladyofmasbolle
[ profile] onthehammock
[ profile] nitwitinperil

[ profile] porn_kid, [ profile] deadcinderella, [ profile] nancy_downs, [ profile] magnun, [ profile] wendybarrie_ and [ profile] defexxx have been here for a couple of days. We went to PotterRio -- nice lecture by [ profile] frinitrix about Harry's personality; great videos, nice huge GoF trailer; won small Ron poster, gave it to Bá; went home before seeing much cosplay, because Lu and I were tired.

We played Sims 2 (hadn't done that in a long time!) all night, creating Closer characters. The storyline ended up kind of ... wrong. Couples were more mixed up than in the movie (I didn't think that was possible). But it was fun.

Not much else to say. Oh, go check out our TGB shop! There are some very nice things there.


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