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I'm in Rome! I've been enjoying the city a great deal. It's lovely, even if the number of Ancient Roman buildings destroyed and commandeered by the Catholic Church makes me want to die inside more often than not. It's not anti-Christian animosity, see—it's just, I'm a really fangirly Republican Rome fangirl, and GAH WHY DIAFF UGH.

...Ahem. I've also been to London and Paris recently, and it was awesome! [ profile] wendybarrie_ and I met [personal profile] oxymora in Paris, and we'll see her again in Venice this weekend, yay! On the less yay-worthy side of things, we were robbed in the train, and some douche took all our money while we slept. Also, some random perv cornered us in the Paris subway—anyway, not good.

Buuut enough RL babbling! Sayeth [personal profile] afterthree:

By doing this in my own journal instead of in [ profile] penny_lane_42's comments I'm probably turning this into a meme, but it's kind of awesome and I think deserving of meme status.

The idea is that we all watch different shows, even when we all watch the same ones. (...) What shows within shows have you watched?

Here's what I've been watching lately, in no particular order:

- The Oh My God, Neal/Peter/Elizabeth Is So Canon Show.

- The David Tennant Is Surprisingly Endearing When Babbling Like A Madman Show.

- The Nathan Fillion Fillions Around For Forty Minutes A Week, Oh And Incidentally Beckett Is Also Very Badass Show.

- The Needs Moar Misha Collins Show The Spot The Episode Bits That Will Make Fangirls Go Nuts, Kill Things, Die Of Embarrassment, And/Or Write Shittons of Fanfiction Show. (I love this one.)

- The One Where Matt Bomer Speaks Klingon The One Where Jayne Cobb Is An NSA Agent ...The Brandon Routh Is SO PRETTY Show. Because he iiiiis. ♥ WHERE'S THE FIC, FANDOM.

- The Most Fucked Up Protagonist In Television Nowadays, Who May Just Be One Of My Favourite Characters Ever Show. Alternatively: The Michael C. Hall Is God, And Also Creepy As Fuck Show.

- The Ben Linus Is A Magnificent Bastard and wait, what? WTF IS GOING ON? Show, which I just resumed watching last week. I still haven't finished season four, but I plan to soon!

- The I'm Trying Really Hard To Be A Good Quinto Fangirl And Keep Watching Just For Sylar, But YAWN! Show.

- The Topher!Victor Show. There were a lot of things I loved about it (The Most Thought-Provoking Premise In A While Show could work, too), but really. Topher!Victor. I mean my God. Enver Gjokaj is a genius.

- The Barney Stinson Is Awesome, If A Tad Too Repetitive, But That's Mostly Still Somewhat Okay Show. - It's also been the Wow, Robin Scherbatsky Is Such A BAMF Show, but, you know, amen to this fandomsecret. :(

- The Tried Too Hard To Be Ocean's Eleven And Failed, But That's Okay Because There's Always Hardison, Eliot and Parker To Awesome Things Up Show.
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I've posted several Yuletide recs here. There are some others in my Delicious, most not yet updated with the authors' names, which were revealed last week.

The two fics I wrote were:

[Kings] Sacrifice (Jack/David, Michelle/David; 8,034 words)

Summary: "Fear not; for the hand of Saul my father shall not find you; you shall be king over Israel, and I shall be next to you; Saul my father also knows this." (1 Samuel 23:17, RSV)

(Because apparently it's not dorkish enough to have a Bible verse as your summary for a Kings fic—you have to indicate what translation you got it from. Right. Way to go, self.)

[Mr. and Mrs. Smith] A Little Less Conversation (John/Jane; 5,305 words)

Summary: The irony was that Mr. and Mrs. Smith were completely incompatible.

Summary shamelessly, shamelessly sort of stolen from an old fic by [ profile] firstlightofeos. With permission, of course. *grins*

I'm off to London with [ profile] wendybarrie_ on Monday! Whoo!

Meanwhile, I'm marathoning Stargate Atlantis like a madwoman. (I know, I know, five years too late.) If any of you are in the fandom, would you happen to have any recs? I've read astonishingly few SGA fics—they're what convinced me to watch in the first place—and I'm craving some like you wouldn't believe.
I'm going to Tampa to see a U2 gig with [ profile] firstlightofeos and [personal profile] lu in two weeks! I'll spend the weekend there, and then I'm off to New York for a week.

But! I have a) no idea what I'll do there and b) no hotel booked. I fail at travel planning, apparently.

So, er. New Yorkers? I'd really appreciate a tip or two as to what I could do and the general area I should stick to, hotel-searching-wise. Help me, o lovely flist, you're my only hope! :D
I'm in London! *grins* I've done few interesting things other than shopping so far, mostly because I came with my father, stepmother, uncle, godmother, and three brothers. We're doing many of the traditional touristy things I tend to run away screaming from — London Eye, Madame Toussauds, etc. Oh well.

As per instructions on [ profile] inksplotched's LJ:

When you see this, post in your own journal with your favorite quote from The Princess Bride - preferably not "As you wish" or the Inigo Montoya speech.

"You seem a decent fellow. I hate to kill you."
"You seem a decent fellow. I hate to die."

I have a special love for Goldman's highly amusing 'edits' in the PB book, so here's one:

But from a narrative point of view, in 105 pages nothing happens. Except this: 'What with one thing and another, three years passed.'

...dude, I have no Princess Bride icons? Fail!
My suitcases are as close to ready as they will get before tomorrow morning. My flight leaves in ten hours. Aah.

It's much sadder to leave Palo Alto than it was to leave England. It's bad enough that I have no idea when I'll meet [ profile] firstlightofeos et al. again, but my whole travelling-around-the-world-to-meet-as-many-roomies-as-possible thing is now officially over. After tomorrow, I'll be home for good, until God knows when.

My old daily humdrum will return effortlessly, fifteen minutes after I arrive. My grandfather will die, and I will attend his funeral. Classes will start again. I will take driving lessons, perhaps learn German, perhaps get a job at some point. *sighs* It was great to forget life was actually going on for the past four months, but that's over now. Surprisingly enough, actually all right. More than all right, even. These trips were... the deep breath before the plunge. And now I'm ready for the laughing gas for what's next. *grins*
[ profile] moon_dancing, [ profile] firstlightofeos and I went to watch Rocky Horror Picture Show last night. It was all kinds of awesome. The cast was really amusing, and it was fun to see Rocky and Frank stumble on Runi's crutches while trying to run around the audience.

Missy and I also discussed some TOP-related things while smoking this morning, and that was productive :D It's great to have a smoking partner—plus, we seem to get exponentially more creative while smoking. So yeah.

But she's leaving now. *sobs* *clings* *plans to kidnap and sneak off to Brazil* Hmph.

*Apparates to the airport*
Stephenie Meyer is currently number one on the poll for Time's list of most influential people this past year. Oh dear God. Please click on the link above and give people below her a fighting chance—Twilight fans seem to have undertaken the task to get her to the top, and it's just...*facepalms repeatedly* No. Wrong. It's Harry Potter: Best Animated Independent Foreign Language Documentary all over again. Only worse.

Go ahead, give Meyer the '1' she deserves. *nudges*

Also, here are some ideas of people you may want to give high ratings to:
  • Stephen Colbert (naturally);
  • Jon Stewart (obviously *fangirls*);
  • Steve Jobs, Apple CEO (because I adore him, and I'm currently minutes away from his house);
  • Bono (because I had to);
  • Jimbo Wales, creator of Wikipedia (because you all know I secretly have an altar at home where I make daily sacrifices to him);
  • Al Gore (because he's cool).

    There are several other in/famous people, of course, from Amy Winehouse to Nelson Mandela. Take your pick. But *fumes* not Stephenie Meyer. Edit: Oh look, people agree with me *grins*

    Speaking of which, I read the Twilight series this week. It was every bit as awful and cringe-worthy as everyone told me it would be, and also highly entertaining. At least now I can follow (and contribute to) the constant debates at UR with [ profile] _thirty2flavors, [ profile] inksplotched, [ profile] callmepatsy and others.

    In my last post, I asked for top 5 lists; I will try to post some of them in every post from now on.

    Five ships and the songs I associate with them, as requested by Liz, with download links )

    So... that ended up being ridiculously long. Plus, it took me a while to upload all the songs, so I won't do any more top 5 lists tonight. I promise the next ones will be briefer *laughs* And oh look, in the time it took me to finish this post, Rain got the #1 spot from Meyer, by a small margin. This probably isn't cause for celebration, though *grins*

    [ profile] moon_dancing arrives tomorrow! *bounces*

    ETA, April 14th Stephen Colbert is #1, and Jon Stewart is #2! Smeyer's been kicked to the 39th spot. Brilliant.
  • iTunes

    Mar. 30th, 2008 11:41 am
    I spent a ridiculous amount of time last month organising my iTunes library; now that [ profile] inksplotched and [ profile] neverwiser have posted an iTunes meme... well, I couldn't not do it.

    iTunes stats )

    In other news, I finally got around to reading Antony and Cleopatra. Colleen McCullough's seven-book series Masters of Rome is LOVE.

    [ profile] firstlightofeos's spring break is almost over. I wonder what I'll do in Palo Alto while she's studying. Hmm.

    I'm almost done with three of the categories I signed up to judge in the Hourglass Awards. Only four to go! Yay. *rolls eyes*
    I'm in California. In [ profile] firstlightofeos' room—the same room that I saw a bazillion times via videochat. Oh maaan. *laughs* We met [ profile] inksplotched earlier today (and her parents, and her siblings). We watched Six Feet Under, and in all likelihood converted her. I also met RUNI'S PARENTS AND OH GOD THEY'RE GOING TO KILL ME. No, well, to be honest, they seem nice, but it's hard to get rid of four years' worth of terror.

    And now, for some reason, we're both posting on LJ—to say the exact same thing, of course. (Runi would like to interject and say that she did it first. So Chris is a copycat.) Ahem. Get off my LJ.

    As I was saying—I refuse. *glares* As I was SAYING, what I came here to post is that I still can't quite believe it.

    Mind-boggling. Seriously.

    My plane leaves for California in just five short hours. Oh God. *dies*

    I really should finish packing., maybe two years, I've finally decided that this layout bores me. I've just updated a new mood theme (psychopath love!), and I've been looking for icons, but aah, choosing a layout is this whole project I'm not sure I'm bored enough to undertake.

    I don't particularly care about the latest news re: LJ no longer allowing free accounts, to be honest, but coincidentally I won't be able to post on Content Strike day (3/21) because I'll be travelling. Huh. I've read that they removed 'fan fiction' from the list of top interests—they didn't remove it from users' profile, right? If so, it's odd that I still have my 'fanfiction' interest there. Anyway...

    I'm leaving for Palo Alto in two days, and I haven't packed yet. Perhaps that would be a better use of my time. However, at the moment, I'm far too busy with a tough checkers tournament against a friend of mine. *rolls eyes* I almost wish [ profile] deadcinderella's mother hadn't given me a large board for Christmas.

    Have you guys heard Maggie Smith has cancer? :(
    I've just watched U2 3D. Twice, but that's not the point. Although one of them was in an IMAX theatre, and that was just...all kinds of brilliant. And MAN. It's incredible. It took all of three minutes for me to remember all the reasons that this is my favourite band. And then a few seconds after that I was craving going to another of their shows—so badly. Gah.

    But the movie is absolutely, mind-blowingly brilliant. It feels right. It captured the spirit of the Vertigo tour well enough; plus, Latin American audiences are always far more interesting than those in the North. *grins* It's awesome to see thousands and thousands of people punching the air and yelling "NO MORE!" several times. And singing along to every single song. Woot. I'm pretty sure they used the Brazilian audio in a few songs, but I can't really pinpoint which ones. Perhaps Sunday Bloody Sunday and/or Pride... I'm just not sure. Egh. The fact that the footage is totally mixed up (you get one take of the crowd in Buenos Aires, immediately followed by another of one in Brazil, that sort of thing) kind of threw me off. *sighs*

    Sunday Bloody Sunday and The Fly are the best parts of the film, in my opinion. I missed City of Blinding Lights, but oh well, you can't have everything. And Bono totally screwed up a bit in Sometimes You Can't Make It on Your Own *laughs* But it's all good, it's all crazy!Bono. Especially when he does things like grabbing Adam's leg out of the blue while singing the bit in Bullet about Jacob wrestling the angel. *grins*

    Just to top it off, they used the 2/21/06 Brazilian version of Where the Streets Have No Name! *smirks* I was probably the only one in the cinema who laughed when Bono went "Peru...wake up in a dream! [crowd: *cheers*] Nicaragua...wake up in a dream! [crowd: *cheers*] Chile...wake up in a dream! [crowd: *cheers*] Argentina! [crowd: *BOOS VERY LOUDLY*]" *snerk* I love my country. (No offence, [ profile] latine, but picking on Argentineans is what we do best.)

    I'm totally going to watch U23D again tomorrow.


    I'm leaving London tomorrow! I'm not all really happy to leave—it feels like I've been away from home for ages, but at the same time it feels as though I'm going back way too soon. *sighs* And, of course, London is awesome, and I'd love to be back someday. Ah, well. After spending several days worrying about packing and shipping stuff home so that everything will fit in my suitcase, though, I'm glad I won't have to think about that again.

    I'm bringing home a suitcase full of DVDs, and I'm dreading the thought of reorganising the collection once I get home, but oh well. (I bought a ton of Doctor Who-related things, including many classic Who DVDs... and a three-foot Dalek. I don't think I'll ever get any geekier, seriously.) I also bought two geeky gifts for [ profile] firstlightofeos and [ profile] keshi_t on a whim today—I'm pretty sure they'll like it. *grins*

    ...Also, I don't think I want to eat chips again for at least a few weeks. Or months. *groans* Oh God. I don't think I spent a single day here without eating potatoes in some form. Ugh.

    On a random note, I saw four mice on random streets here today. *grimaces* We don't get those in Brazil, man. That's just very, very odd.


    Feb. 9th, 2008 10:26 am
    I pulled two all-nighters in a row right before leaving Paris—and my body's defences must've lowered significantly, because now I have a really stupid and annoying cold *sighs* But! I didn't walk around much yesterday (I met [ profile] koonelli, and we went to an Italian restaurant), I took some NyQuil before going to bed and I ordered breakfast in the room. So I'm feeling a bit better.

    Plus, I'm meeting [ profile] neverwiser in a few minutes. (And I'm posting this instead of getting ready—she's going to kill me when she arrives. *laughs*) ...The universe is going to implode or something, isn't it? *grins* Online, it's unclear who out-bitches whom, but maybe in person we'll reach some kind of agreement. *laughs*


    Feb. 4th, 2008 09:19 pm
    I met [ profile] oxys_kai_moros today! *laughs* It was absolutely hilarious—almost everything that could go wrong in the beginning did (including a tube accident). We actually stood right next to each other, only facing opposite directions and waiting, for quite a while *rolls eyes*

    But! We did meet; we had ice cream; we went to the supermarket; we had warm wine and coffee; and we walked and walked and walked and visited the Musée de Cluny; and then we walked some more and ate pasta for dinner.

    All in all, it was a brilliant day *beams* And oh shit, we ought to take pictures at some point...


    Feb. 3rd, 2008 11:27 pm
    christycorr: Ninth Doctor (Doctor Who) (*Huh.*)
    One important drawback of smoking in the cold: when I can't feel my hands, I don't notice when I burn my fingers. It's happened a few times already. *laughs*

    So I was on my way to a restaurant I really like and this old man (he may have been drunk, I don't know) came up to me and said, "Excusez-moi. Vous êtes un homme ou une femme?"*

    "Si je suis...Pardon?"

    "Vous êtes un homme ou une femme? Vous savez, ces jours on ne peut jamais être sûr..."**

    "*stares* ...Sorry, I don't speak French very well."

    "Oh. English, you speak?"

    "A... little."

    "Give me a cigarette?"

    Um. Bwuh.

    *"Excuse me. Are you a man or a woman?"
    **"Are you a man or a woman? You know, these days, one can never be sure..."
    Five things I realised since I last posted:

    1. I get unbearably whiny when I'm hungry and unsure of how I'm going to find food.

    2. A Burger King in the middle of Berlin can be an awesome sight when one is in the state I described above. And since there are only so many ways a girl can screw up "Ein Whopper und ein Vanilla Shake, bitte," I actually ate pretty well.

    3. My enjoyment of a foreign city seems to be directly related to how much I am able to look inconspicuous and un-tourist-y. Regardless of this, Berlin is actually pretty cool, and I do want to come back here once I've learned a bit of German.

    4. I probably looked really retarded when I grinned like an idiot after understanding words like "kinderschuhe" and "benutzer."

    5. I need to spend more time at the German wiki. Or interwiki-linking. What little I know of German words I definitely learned there. And God knows I'd recognise words like "Zauberei," "Rennbesen," "Flüche," "Alte Runen," "Zaubertränke" and "Drachen" anywhere. And also... "Norwegischer Stachelbuckel" and stuff like that *laughs* Not that I'm likely to see them anywhere, of course. *grins*
    christycorr: Tenth Doctor (Doctor Who) (*pout*)
    So I just got to Berlin and I'm like... totally lost. The cab driver didn't speak English, the hotel receptionist barely spoke it, and I'm almost afraid to leave the hotel and not being able to return, since I can't really pronounce the name of the street where I'm staying *laughs*

    [ profile] annabel_lee_ isn't here anymore—her father took her to Munich—and of course [ profile] oxys_kai_moros and [ profile] auriane_janet live pretty far from this city. Grah.

    *groans* I have until tomorrow to do any sightseeing here, but! I have one hell of a migraine, and I can't even type with my eyes open or look at the screen for more than a few seconds. Bugger, bugger, bugger. I hope I can at least get to see Zoo Station before I leave. *pouts* I wish I'd gone to Dutchland instead. Oh well.
    So! I'm in Paris. And it's totally, unbelievably cool, and I love it. Kindly disregard the fact that I'm now in my hotel room, at the computer, about to watch Pride and Prejudice (because it's the only movie I brought with me). This is simply due to the fact that I'm tired—I walked all morning/afternoon, and I didn't sleep properly. But anyway.

    The weather cold. Not insanely cold or anything, but it's ranging from 0 to 5 degrees Celsius. It doesn't really bug me unless it gets windy (in which case it messes up my hair and pisses me off royally). I'm wearing the Stanford socks that [ profile] firstlightofeos sent to me. They're the only ones that make my boots not hurt my feet, so thank you for that, Runi.

    My French is coming back to me surprisingly quickly; three days ago I had very little fluency, but now I can maintain a conversation surprisingly well, and no one addresses me in English anymore (they did whenever I stuttered in tourist-y places). Also, strangers keep asking me for directions. *scratches head* The oddest thing is that I can usually help them. *laughs*

    I spent most of my morning today walking around the Père Lachaise cemetery, which is my favourite tourist spot in the city—never mind the famous graves and all, it's just so utterly peaceful. Also, I saw several funeral homes around it, some of them family-owned, and I couldn't help thinking of Six Feet Under. And, just because I'm two years old, I saw a tomb for the Famille Gay and sniggered. There's also a Darcy mausoleum. *grins*

    I had a Gandalf moment in the tube today. I'm somewhat well-acquainted with the Parisian tube, but of course I still get lost sometimes, and on one such occasion this morning I had to pick between two stairways that led to different sides of a line, and I couldn't remember which direction I was going. Now, some tube stations have a really foul smell in this city, and one of the aforementioned stairways smelled awful. So I went for the age-old "If in doubt, Meriadoc, always follow your nose." guideline and reached my destination safely. *laughs*

    It was great to visit the Marais again, which I grew very fond of during my last stay here, and also to explore Montparnasse, where my hotel is located—just a few minutes' walk away from the Gare. I ate ice cream at the Maison Berthillon, which is really, really good... and I've taken no pictures so far. *laughs* Knowing me, I will take no pictures at all—I despise doing so, and now there is no one nagging at me for not using the camera. Hee!

    Oh, and smoking in the cold? Best thing since frozen yogurt.

    I'm off to Berlin tomorrow, where I will (hopefully) meet [ profile] _annabel_lee. [ profile] oxys_kai_moros and [ profile] mraz_ come to Paris on Monday. Woot!
    So I'm off to Paris this Tuesday, and I'll be in London for most of February—if you're around either and feel like meeting up, leave a comment! :)

    As for UR and all that, I'll still be around the net, but obviously not as much as usual. Now I'm off to pack and make final arrangements. 'Bye, everyone!

    ETA I was re-tagging my LJ and found an old LJ comment stats code. I figured I could get said stats again to find out who's commented the most these past few years.

    The results were... unsurprising, for the most part. Here. )
  • The ten-million-pound security surrounding Harry Potter
    Putting The Da Vince Code against this book is like putting a bungalow next to the Great Pyramids.

  • Israeli bookshops and selling Deathly Hallows halfway through the Shabbat
    Aside from the book and its poor content, which serves as education for teenagers in Israel and the world in this new age, the book chains add insult to injury with their intent to hold this celebration while massively desecrating the Shabbat, and by violating the law that prohibits employing workers on Shabbat.

  • Bloomsbury lawyers try to plug Potter leaks
    Whether or not Harry Potter has died is not something we can reveal - but it does look very much like he has leaked.

  • Potter book has leaked
    Despite a massive security operation, the final book of the Harry Potter series has been leaked online three days before its worldwide release.

    Hm. I'm guessing it is real, then. Excellent!

    I'm leaving for São Paulo in a couple of hours! :)
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