A meme ganked from [personal profile] suaine—one of those that go around every once in a while, which for some reason I never got around to doing.

Choose your genre show, answer the questions using episode titles from that show—if possible, don't repeat any. )

I just rented The Princess Diaries 2—which, by the way, I did watch back when it first came out—just because of Chris Pine. Yes. I'd mentioned a few weeks ago that this would be a surefire way to tell when whether my Star Trek XI obsession reached an unhealthy level, so there: it has.

Some friends of mine are having a board game night, with Risk, cards, charades and possibly liberal amounts of alcohol. *grins* I haven't done this in ages!
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My Dreamwidth journal is now somewhat organised, and several Roomies have registered there, including [personal profile] firstlightofeos, [personal profile] lu, [personal profile] moon_dancing, [personal profile] thirty2flavors, [personal profile] afterthree, [personal profile] oxymora, [personal profile] beedaily, [personal profile] inksplotched and [personal profile] twinsuns. *grins* Welcome to Dreamwidth, guys!

(I'm crossposting, in any case; like I said, I won't leave LJ.)

So I was re-tagging a few old entries on Dreamwidth and I found this 2006 post. Everyone's replies to that meme amused me to no end. So why not do it again? My flist has changed a great deal since then, and many of you know next to nothing about me IRL.

Different set of questions, of course. *grins* Give it a try! Some may be a bit hard for those who don't know me in person, but not many.

The Stalker Meme )

0-19 Newbie.
20-39 Apprentice.
40-59 Fairly decent.
60-79 Hard-working.
80-94 Professional.
95-100 ... Should I be scared?

Comments are screened, obviously. *grins*

[personal profile] lu: 100
[livejournal.com profile] defexxx: 97
[personal profile] firstlightofeos: 96
[livejournal.com profile] keshi_t: 92
[personal profile] oxymora: 92
[livejournal.com profile] wendybarrie_: 91
[livejournal.com profile] kirrea: 91
[livejournal.com profile] ladyofmasbolle: 77
[personal profile] thirty2flavors: 75
After...one, maybe two years, I've finally decided that this layout bores me. I've just updated a new mood theme (psychopath love!), and I've been looking for icons, but aah, choosing a layout is this whole project I'm not sure I'm bored enough to undertake.

I don't particularly care about the latest news re: LJ no longer allowing free accounts, to be honest, but coincidentally I won't be able to post on Content Strike day (3/21) because I'll be travelling. Huh. I've read that they removed 'fan fiction' from the list of top interests—they didn't remove it from users' profile, right? If so, it's odd that I still have my 'fanfiction' interest there. Anyway...

I'm leaving for Palo Alto in two days, and I haven't packed yet. Perhaps that would be a better use of my time. However, at the moment, I'm far too busy with a tough checkers tournament against a friend of mine. *rolls eyes* I almost wish [livejournal.com profile] deadcinderella's mother hadn't given me a large board for Christmas.

Have you guys heard Maggie Smith has cancer? :(
I've just watched U2 3D. Twice, but that's not the point. Although one of them was in an IMAX theatre, and that was just...all kinds of brilliant. And MAN. It's incredible. It took all of three minutes for me to remember all the reasons that this is my favourite band. And then a few seconds after that I was craving going to another of their shows—so badly. Gah.

But the movie is absolutely, mind-blowingly brilliant. It feels right. It captured the spirit of the Vertigo tour well enough; plus, Latin American audiences are always far more interesting than those in the North. *grins* It's awesome to see thousands and thousands of people punching the air and yelling "NO MORE!" several times. And singing along to every single song. Woot. I'm pretty sure they used the Brazilian audio in a few songs, but I can't really pinpoint which ones. Perhaps Sunday Bloody Sunday and/or Pride... I'm just not sure. Egh. The fact that the footage is totally mixed up (you get one take of the crowd in Buenos Aires, immediately followed by another of one in Brazil, that sort of thing) kind of threw me off. *sighs*

Sunday Bloody Sunday and The Fly are the best parts of the film, in my opinion. I missed City of Blinding Lights, but oh well, you can't have everything. And Bono totally screwed up a bit in Sometimes You Can't Make It on Your Own *laughs* But it's all good, it's all crazy!Bono. Especially when he does things like grabbing Adam's leg out of the blue while singing the bit in Bullet about Jacob wrestling the angel. *grins*

Just to top it off, they used the 2/21/06 Brazilian version of Where the Streets Have No Name! *smirks* I was probably the only one in the cinema who laughed when Bono went "Peru...wake up in a dream! [crowd: *cheers*] Nicaragua...wake up in a dream! [crowd: *cheers*] Chile...wake up in a dream! [crowd: *cheers*] Argentina! [crowd: *BOOS VERY LOUDLY*]" *snerk* I love my country. (No offence, [livejournal.com profile] latine, but picking on Argentineans is what we do best.)

I'm totally going to watch U23D again tomorrow.


I'm leaving London tomorrow! I'm not all really happy to leave—it feels like I've been away from home for ages, but at the same time it feels as though I'm going back way too soon. *sighs* And, of course, London is awesome, and I'd love to be back someday. Ah, well. After spending several days worrying about packing and shipping stuff home so that everything will fit in my suitcase, though, I'm glad I won't have to think about that again.

I'm bringing home a suitcase full of DVDs, and I'm dreading the thought of reorganising the collection once I get home, but oh well. (I bought a ton of Doctor Who-related things, including many classic Who DVDs... and a three-foot Dalek. I don't think I'll ever get any geekier, seriously.) I also bought two geeky gifts for [livejournal.com profile] firstlightofeos and [livejournal.com profile] keshi_t on a whim today—I'm pretty sure they'll like it. *grins*

...Also, I don't think I want to eat chips again for at least a few weeks. Or months. *groans* Oh God. I don't think I spent a single day here without eating potatoes in some form. Ugh.

On a random note, I saw four mice on random streets here today. *grimaces* We don't get those in Brazil, man. That's just very, very odd.


Feb. 3rd, 2008 11:27 pm
christycorr: Ninth Doctor (Doctor Who) (*Huh.*)
One important drawback of smoking in the cold: when I can't feel my hands, I don't notice when I burn my fingers. It's happened a few times already. *laughs*

So I was on my way to a restaurant I really like and this old man (he may have been drunk, I don't know) came up to me and said, "Excusez-moi. Vous êtes un homme ou une femme?"*

"Si je suis...Pardon?"

"Vous êtes un homme ou une femme? Vous savez, ces jours on ne peut jamais être sûr..."**

"*stares* ...Sorry, I don't speak French very well."

"Oh. English, you speak?"

"A... little."

"Give me a cigarette?"

Um. Bwuh.

*"Excuse me. Are you a man or a woman?"
**"Are you a man or a woman? You know, these days, one can never be sure..."
So! I'm in Paris. And it's totally, unbelievably cool, and I love it. Kindly disregard the fact that I'm now in my hotel room, at the computer, about to watch Pride and Prejudice (because it's the only movie I brought with me). This is simply due to the fact that I'm tired—I walked all morning/afternoon, and I didn't sleep properly. But anyway.

The weather here...is cold. Not insanely cold or anything, but it's ranging from 0 to 5 degrees Celsius. It doesn't really bug me unless it gets windy (in which case it messes up my hair and pisses me off royally). I'm wearing the Stanford socks that [livejournal.com profile] firstlightofeos sent to me. They're the only ones that make my boots not hurt my feet, so thank you for that, Runi.

My French is coming back to me surprisingly quickly; three days ago I had very little fluency, but now I can maintain a conversation surprisingly well, and no one addresses me in English anymore (they did whenever I stuttered in tourist-y places). Also, strangers keep asking me for directions. *scratches head* The oddest thing is that I can usually help them. *laughs*

I spent most of my morning today walking around the Père Lachaise cemetery, which is my favourite tourist spot in the city—never mind the famous graves and all, it's just so utterly peaceful. Also, I saw several funeral homes around it, some of them family-owned, and I couldn't help thinking of Six Feet Under. And, just because I'm two years old, I saw a tomb for the Famille Gay and sniggered. There's also a Darcy mausoleum. *grins*

I had a Gandalf moment in the tube today. I'm somewhat well-acquainted with the Parisian tube, but of course I still get lost sometimes, and on one such occasion this morning I had to pick between two stairways that led to different sides of a line, and I couldn't remember which direction I was going. Now, some tube stations have a really foul smell in this city, and one of the aforementioned stairways smelled awful. So I went for the age-old "If in doubt, Meriadoc, always follow your nose." guideline and reached my destination safely. *laughs*

It was great to visit the Marais again, which I grew very fond of during my last stay here, and also to explore Montparnasse, where my hotel is located—just a few minutes' walk away from the Gare. I ate ice cream at the Maison Berthillon, which is really, really good... and I've taken no pictures so far. *laughs* Knowing me, I will take no pictures at all—I despise doing so, and now there is no one nagging at me for not using the camera. Hee!

Oh, and smoking in the cold? Best thing since frozen yogurt.

I'm off to Berlin tomorrow, where I will (hopefully) meet [livejournal.com profile] _annabel_lee. [livejournal.com profile] oxys_kai_moros and [livejournal.com profile] mraz_ come to Paris on Monday. Woot!


Oct. 14th, 2007 02:23 am
Seguinte. Eu acabei de organizar um inventário dos meus DVDs, e tem dezenas de filmes faltando. Eu tenho uma vaga noção de pelo menos 30 que não estão aqui, mas certamente há mais que eu não estou lembrando.


Não é nem questão de "Devolva agora". Eu simplesmente quero saber quais estão de fato perdidos. OK? :)

Super injusto, cara. Estão faltando desde Rocky Horror Picture Show a Finding Nemo, passando por Love Actually, todos os DVDs de Monty Python, A pequena sereia e Kill Bill. .__.
For the first time in months, I'm taking a major hiatus from everything internet-related, including IMing, UR and the wiki. The Rio movie festival starts this week, and I plan to watch about 50 movies during the next couple of weeks, which requires about three hours of sleep every night for fourteen days and one hell of a lot of cramming in the night preceding each of the two exams I'll have until October 4th.

So... I hope nothing too important happens while I'm away. I wish you all a very fond farewell. *grins* Take good care of the website and the wiki, roomies! I'll see you on October 5th!


Jun. 29th, 2007 11:52 am
So I totally screwed up on my two last exams. Like, really screwed up. But I don't CARE, becaaause:



That's such a beautiful word.

Brilliant, really.

I can now catch up with Grey's, House, Supernatural, several of other series, books, movies, etc. etc. and Harry Potter all the way! Eeee!

*so hyper*

God, it's the best feeling everrrrr.

No classes, no college, no exams, until August.

Man oh man, I do so love life right now.
There are good days, and there are bad days.

The good days make it worth it. Everything's almost normal then, and it's easy to ignore the shadows of nurses looming nearby, the O2 tanks, the boxes and boxes of meds, the tube attached to my grandfather's kidneys, the hospital bed replacing his king-sized fluffy mattresses. He talks and jokes and reminisces. It's so easy to remember why I love him so much then, why he's always been such a father to me, to mull over all that he's read, said, done. I love the good days. They make everything--the tears, the anxiety, the depression, the highs, the lows--worthwhile. Most of the time.

There are bad days, too--days he won't stop yelling at everyone during his recurring panic attacks. The nurses call us all to come here at two, three, four in the morning; my father, his brother and I rush over. Grandpa sees a conspiracy in everything then, and refuses to take his meds, convinced that they're drugs to sedate or poison him. He screams at us all the time, cries, regrets not being able to walk away from us without help. He claims we're keeping him imprisoned at home against his will.

"You're working with them," he says, pointing an accusatory finger at me. There are tears in his eyes. "How could you do this to me? You're my granddaughter. I loved you all my life. And now you're just like the rest of them! You want to do me harm, too. How can you do this to me?"


Nothing, nothing can make this easier.

God, when did I become a fucked-up version of Meredith Grey? (Yes, I know how redundant that sounds.) Except with, what, Law instead of Medicine and Harry Potter instead of McDreamy? Looks like I definitely got the short end of the stick. *sighs*
I've been tagged for the desktop meme several times; it's been a while since I posted one, so here it goes--my glorious desktop, featuring the feet of Dr. Gregory House (and The Cane, of course). *grins*

Click to enlarge.

Note to people who are not familiar with Macs: this is what a Mac desktop looks like! *beams* My monitor is 1440x990, which is why it's so—er, rectangular. The bar below with heaps of icons is sort of a Start -> Programs thing, only prettier; it shows the icons of the programs I use the most.

If you take a closer look, you'll see programs such as: Safari (standard Apple browser), Camino (the Mozilla browser for Mac), iChat (our AIM), the several IM programs I use on a daily basis, Mail (our Outlook Express), XChat (an IRC client), Tomato Torrent (a Bittorrent client), iTunes, iSquint (converts video to iPod format), Stickies (on-screen post-its), Excel and Word for Mac, VLC, iPhoto, Photoshop and The Sims 2.

The icons on the desktop itself are fics I'm working on, stuff for UnknowableRoom, and other random files.

I tag:

  • [livejournal.com profile] firstlightofeos
  • [livejournal.com profile] nancy_downs
  • [livejournal.com profile] discreetly
  • [livejournal.com profile] magnun
  • [livejournal.com profile] dianaprallon

  • My midterm grades are scarily low; my average so far is in the mid-80s (out of 100). Mm. Good thing I left work, innit? *sighs*
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    There should be a new level in the "You know you're way too obsessed with Harry Potter when" scale for people like me.


    I was getting home from college tonight, kind of sleepy, when I saw... and I kid you not... A FLYING MOTORCYCLE.


    I KNOW.

    It was flying, like, moving forward in the air as I sped by.

    I blinked several times and gawked at it for a long time (actually, only a few seconds, because a building came in the way). After a minute or so, I realised it was just a small plane with oddly placed lights.

    It's good to know a part of me is still in the real world, you know, where motorcycles don't fly and shit. But it was an extremely strange moment, which I credit to lack of sleep + exams. Which are, by the way, almost over: I have Forensics tomorrow and Civil Procedure on Friday, and then I'm done! Phew. Friday is also my last day at work.

    I had two very difficult exams today, both of which went quite well. And grandpa is slowly getting better! He was released from ICU today, and is now in his room! *beams*!! He's still a tad confused (mistakes me for grandma from time to time), but that's improving with time, too.

    I'm so relieved. I cannot, simply cannot wait for this week to end.

    P.S. I suddenly have major Shoebox cravings. I wonder why.

    Oh! And also, Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire in 15 minutes is brilliant.

    KARKAROFF: Severus Snape!

    DUMBLEDORE: I vouch for Severus Snape, for mysterious reasons to be revealed in the seventh book. Maybe.

    KARKAROFF: Evan Rosier!

    BARTY CROUCH: Killed him.

    KARKAROFF: Augustus Rookwood?

    BARTY CROUCH: Also him.


    BARTY CROUCH: Her too.


    And the new trailers for the fifth movie are bloody awesome, too.
    christycorr: Tenth Doctor (Doctor Who) (*wibble*)
    Am I a bad person for not wanting him to let go? It's selfish, I know; and now I blame myself for egging him on, encouraging him to undergo surgery. It's not all my fault, but part of it is.

    And it hurts, God, it hurts so much to see him there--helpless, heavily sedated, entubated, completely unconscious--it's everything he always begged us not to experience. It's what he wanted the least, and now there he is, bound to remain at ICU for as long as it takes. He didn't have a choice; he was so restless yesterday and anxious to leave ICU that they bound him to the bed. Now that's no longer necessary: they have to keep him unconscious because all his vitals have been far too unstable, and his creatinine is skyrocketing.

    He only accepted this because the doctors scared us all with talks of, "you do this surgery or you DIE. LIKE, NEXT WEEK, TOPS." He panicked. Everyone did. But even then he didn't want it... we all had to pitch in and help convince him. But now he's not better; the doctors' first impression was mistatken. He's worse. His kidneys have practically shut down, and he's much worse than he was last week, at home.

    I went there and I just... I can't. I can't do this; I can't face the fact that my grandfather--practically my father, more so to me than his son ever was--will die someday: sooner rather than later, by the looks of it.

    It's--not--fair. Above all, if he dies at that fucking hospital, we'll have broken our promise. All of us. They may not care--my uncle was quipping about hell knows what, and my godmother was just feeling guilty for not having visited him in months--but I know Dad cares. He cares so freaking much, and it's bloody tearing him apart.

    I don't think I've ever cared so little about an exam before.

    I wish it weren't so hard to face the idea of letting go.

    I'm a man, I'm not a child
    I'm a man who sees the shadow behind your eyes

    Who's to say where the wind will take you?
    Who's to say what it is will break you?
    I don't know where the wind will blow
    Who's to know when the time's come around?
    I don't wanna see you cry...
    Tell me: what's a normal person supposed to think when she reads this headline:

    "July 21 suspect not a fanatic"

    I mean, seriously. I may be a hopeless case, but my first thought was: OMG, someone's got their hands on the book! Is that normal? ... Didn't think so.


    On an entirely relevant piece of news, I have quit my job and gave my two weeks' notice last Friday. It felt brilliant.


    My grandfather underwent major kidney surgery today. He's in ICU for the moment, but everything went well--better than expected even! I'm so happy; I've been on emotional limbo for weeks because of this.


    Exam weeks start on Thursday. I swear to God I don't know how I'll survive; I have yet to study pretty much everything. I haven't got the faintest clue as to what some of my teachers have been talking about for the past month or so. Gaah.


    I can't believe what gun rights activists are saying in response to the Virginia Tech massacre. Wtf, dudes, get a grip. I honestly don't get why some Americans are so irrationally fond of their Second Amendment.
    christycorr: Rafiki (The Lion King) (Jesus!)
    (That's Genesis 9:7, KJV. It felt appropriate.)

    My mother is pregnant.

    That brings the total number of siblings I have to ... six. Heavens, I'm a Weasley.

    I'm not particularly happy or sad. It's just... bizarre. Very much so.

    Oh, and just to be a bit more random, I wrote a 3000-word one-shot today, on a whim.

    Today was a strange day. All right, I guess, but still very odd.
    And so it is: perhaps a bit worse than I thought it would be, but terrible nonetheless. College has started, and thus my life ended. I leave the house at about 6:40 AM every day; I usually have classes from 7 till 11 AM; I go to work; I return to college at 7 or 9 PM and stay there until 11 PM. I get home, knackered, some twenty minutes later, and I'm inevitably exhausted.

    Seven hours--I have precisely seven hours to check my email, do everything I can online, have a shower, solve whatever problems there are at home (it almost makes me feel that having your own place is overrated), sleep, wake up, and leave for college again.

    It's maddening. Work gets frustrating; life gets frustrating. I feel like I have no time for anything anymore. Two things keep me sane, ironically two of the things that make my day even more maddening and busy: frequently exchanging emails with my friends while at work, and my crazy determination to be obsessed with Harry Potter.

    Yes, Harry Potter. Oddly enough, I have never been this much into the books, not even when I first joined the fandom. I dedicate what little time I can between classes and between assignments at the bank to work on wiki articles. I cannot--and this is my resolution for this year, hard though it will be to keep--go off Potterfan mode before July 21st. I will not. Those damned books defined my adolescence, and I will live this phase to its fullest until it ends--which it will, scarily soon--if it kills me.

    So now, for the first time in my life, I define myself as a Potter fan above all else: UR.org-er, law student, bank employee, TV series addict, movies addict, U2 whore, Pratchett fanatic, human being, the works.

    To quote one of the many of my favourite characters whom I have neglected in the past few weeks, "This is so like rain on my wedding day."
    The wacky internet at my workplace now not only disallow logging in Animagos, our Brazilian forum, but also deleting LJ entries. *shakes head* Talk about crazy.

    I've been writing a bit here and there, working a bit, admin-ing UR a lot, admin-ing Animagos a bit, hardly ever working at the wiki... It's been a strange week.


    Gah. People won't respond to the topic at the forums, so I thought I could try to do that here.

    Mm. I'm reading Stiff - The Curious Lives of Human Cadavers, and I highly recommend it. It's about the many useful things a cadaver can do--well, other people do things to it, of course--after dying, e.g. helping studies, helping surgeons learn, helping detectives find out what caused plane accidents, etc. etc. It's really quite interesting and gives an extremely new perspective on the whole deal.

    After one month's worth of procrastinating, I've finally caught up with House M.D.'s latest episodes! And Prison Break's newest, too! Can't wait for the next ones. *shakes head* God, I hate these series.
    How insane and unnatural is it that I've been working for two whole days and I feel as though I've been doing it my whole life?

    I know, it's insane. I mean, my hours are insane--I have no fixed schedule, but I'm expected to stay there at the very least from nine AM to eight PM. I have to do a bunch of things I've never even heard of before, and learn about them as I go along. I sometimes have nothing to do, and I'm stuck at a computer where most entertaining and useful websites are blocked.

    People at the bank don't really talk to each other; we send emails to communicate with people who are two feet away. We have these absurdly huge contracts to review--and God, even kick-ass lawyers often can't use commas if their life depends on that (almost literally). My workload's slowly but surely increasing. Gah.

    I have to deal with scary people who often go on and on about the "large shoes" I have to fill. The expectations are maddening: my dad started out at that bank fresh out of college and was a director by the time he retired.


    I love it.
    I have a new iPod U2 Special Edition. It is gorgeous!

    I start working at the bank tomorrow. I wish I could explain the strange mixture of feelings I'm experiencing: the odd sensation that I will never have holidays again, the certainty that a new phase of my life is about to begin, the excitement of getting a job at a place where I've always wanted to work... It's weird. Hm.

    The fuck?

    Dec. 28th, 2006 05:33 pm
    christycorr: Arthur (Merlin) (No comment.)
    Seriously, you so-called "bad guys". The end of December is a good time of the year for you--really. You must sell lots of drugs; I know several of my friends intend on getting stoned on January 1st. Your lower-level agents make a lot of money by robbing unsuspecting tourists roaming the city. Sheesh, on New Year's Eve they must make millions pick-pocketing people while they gawk at the gorgeous fireworks in Copacabana.

    So why? Why? Why turn this city into a bloody mess three days away from New Year's? You're scaring the tourists away! You're bringing on more repression! The drug price will go up, sure, but people are too damned scared of getting out of their house to go to the slums and buy it!

    Almost twenty dead so far, several others injured, burn buses, many police cabins gunned down, stores closed, policemen being killed left and right...

    Rio de Janeiro's chaotic. I pity the tourism industry. We've become São Paulo, with the gangs and the disorder and the national emergency crap! Yay.


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