So I ended up having my copy of The Tales of Beedle the Bard shipped to [ profile] firstlightofeos's house rather than to Brazil—I'm still not sure exactly why I did that—and I had to read the Portuguese version while impatiently waiting for her to get to Brazil (which will happen in ten days).

I loved it! The tales themselves are adorable, and I can totally imagine wizarding children having this read to them. Dumbledore's commentary was very, very interesting—I can hardly wait to add everything to the wiki *grins*

But oh my God, what the fuck was up with his commentary to The Tale of the Three Brothers? It made me laugh so hard at times—Dumbledore, you arse, you idiot, the evidently careful research you spew on the topic of the Elder Wand is evidence enough that you never believed the BS of which you're trying to convince the reader. (Because, of course, these notes were written for an outside reader who had no idea of Dumbledore's past and of his personal involvement in the Hallows Quest.)

And therein, I think, lies my biggest in-universe issue with the commentary: JKR mentions in the introduction that Dumbledore's comments were left in his will to the Hogwarts archives, which ties in nicely with Scrimgeour's statement to the trio in DH7. However, when commenting on The Warlock's Hairy Heart, he makes a gratuitous offhand mention to Voldemort's creation of Horcruxes. This makes no sense. Dumbledore had every book that as much as mentioned Horcruxes removed from the Hogwarts library, and he died before Voldemort was defeated. Why would he reveal his knowledge of Voldemort's Horcruxes? Why would he even mention a theme he hated so viscerally? The mention served no practical purpose in the commentary (also because anyone who's read JKR's interviews on the subject knows exactly what a Horcrux is). Bah!

(Yes, I realise this is the canon nazi in me speaking, and I know no one noticed/cared. It still bugs me.)

That being said, The Warlock's Hairy Heart is, by far, my favourite of the Beedle tales. (Obviously.)
I'm back to Law School! I thought it would be slightly odd to return here after my prolonged holidays, but it wasn't—not at all. I promptly started making lists and schedules, planning the next two years in advance and everything. I decided to leave university minoring in both Greek and Latin Culture and International Politics. I picked a pretty good schedule for myself this semester, with fifteen 2-hour lectures every week. (No one is allowed to have more than thirty hours a week.)

And then I got here today—first day of classes. I was wolfing down a ridiculously bad salad while rushing down a flight of stairs from my second class to the third, and just...stopped. No. I don't want to be driven insane every semester until I finish Law School. I've made peace with being bored out of my mind by most subjects I'll have to study, but I cannot let myself get insanely overworked while I'm at it. I'll take only thirteen lectures. Hmph.

Yesterday I started a Gilmore Girls marathon. I've always thought the show was all right, even though I've never adored it or anything, but I'd only caught random episodes on TV. So I watched season 1 and some of season 2; my opinion remains the same, but I've caught myself speaking and thinking in Lorelai-like logic alarmingly often in the past twenty-four hours. *laughs*

In other news, Breaking Dawn came out last weekend. It was predictably horrible, and I was extremely amused by many Twilighters' hatred of it. It's almost like they came to their senses a little! J. K. Rowling's recently announced The Tales of Beedle the Bard (coming out in December, yay! It's nice to expect a JKR book again!) surpassed the number of Amazon pre-orders for Breaking Dawn within hours, of course. *rolls eyes* And still the media insist on comparing the two. Oy, get some perspective. Stephenie Meyer makes Rowling seem like great literature, and that's saying something.

(Oh, and I'd take 'Albus Severus' over 'Renesmee Carlie' any day. *laughs*)
Waterstone's has just released images of the short story JKR wrote about the Marauders. A transcript of J. K. Rowling's postcard, as well as images captured from the Waterstone's website, can be found at Unknowable Room's Harry Potter wiki.

It's amusing. Hee, Elvendork. I wonder how long it'll be until someone writes a story about Anderson and Fisher hearing about Sirius Black, the dangerous escaped convict, in 1993.
Download Day - English

Add your name to the list! They're aiming for millions of downloads (not updates, downloads of the full program) on launch day—and we all know Firefox rocks :D The Download Day in question should be at some point in June.

J. K. Rowling wrote an eight-hundred-word short story about the Marauders. Oh my God *dies* *WANTS* *has pre-ordered her copy of the book in question*
So JKR has told us what Petunia wanted to tell Harry in DH3. She told us a tiny bit about Lily and James' lives post-Hogwarts. We got random tidbits about Hagrid and stuff, too.

But I couldn't care less. Because...

JKR has confirmed that Albus Dumbledore was gay. And in love with Gellert Grindelwald.


I am spazzing.

We have. A canon. Slash. Pairing.

Dumbledore/Grindelwald is canon.




Also, the lovely people over at [ profile] grindeldore are spazzing, too. As is their right.

Edit: I'm still waiting for the wank, but [ profile] ohnotheydidnt has an awesome post with tons of hilarious comments.

Oh, and... not that I was one of those people who omg!loathed DH (not in the least, actually, I loved the book), but I love it that the general feeling in the fandom now seems to be this. Such poetic justice.

À propos... fic rec!
Post-DH thoughts on Snape and Dumbledore and their personalities. MAJOR SPOILERS!

Oh, I apologise if these references aren't perfect; I'm at the airport waiting for my flight (which has been delayed... again...), so I don't really have access to the books.

'You know, I sometimes think we Sort too soon.' )

... Whoa, that was long. Sorry! *grins*
christycorr: Good Omens (by Neil Gaiman and Terry Pratchett) (Have a nice doomsday.)
My flist is quiet. [ profile] fandom_wank is quiet (server robustness notwithstanding). The last post at [ profile] its_a_fake was made by someone who read the book and liked it. The only person I'm IMing with is [ profile] firstlightofeos, who is waiting in line for the release of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. It is, I believe, time to make the mandatory "life as I know it is over" post--before everyone starts squeeing, complaining or ranting even more.

Not that long, really, but it's DH night and everyone will make huge posts, so I'll try to spare your flists a few paragraphs. No spoilers, by the way. )

So... yeah. Shut up, fandom, for once in your bloody existence. The book was amazing. We will all survive, honestly. Those of you who omg!loathed it can go write your ASS-fic and your denial!fic. Or just leave, if you so wish. The rest of us will stay, and leave someday too, and that won't matter to JK or anything, now will it?

I'll just sit back and watch the wankage until I grow bored of it (which I will, because ship wars are inherently repetitive and boring). And then I'll go write and read DH-based (yay!) Marauder-era fanfiction, because that's the reason I got to where I am in the first place.

Edit Oh! Damn. I forgot to add the no-mores!

No more waiting in line for a new Potter book.
No more reading a new Potter book for the first time.
No more searching frantically for spoilers or reading badly-photographed leaks.
No more waiting anxiously for any small clue hidden in a half-sentence of JKR's in an interview.
No more memorising a whole new chapter list to make bloody citations (*winks at [ profile] dianaprallon*)
No more despairing at the thought of an entire new book to add to the wiki.
No more worrying about UR spoiler systems or spoiler warnings or anything of the sort (*thanks [ profile] discreetly profusely*)
No more panicking about possible hacks of the UR address like the one that happened with HBP.
No more anxiety attacks or comforting friends having anxiety attacks over the upcoming book.

All in all ... maybe it's not even that bad. :D

I'm done.

Jul. 17th, 2007 01:04 am
It's just ...

It's over.

I finished Harry Potter and the the Deathly Hallows.



I ...




I'll be more coherent later.
So scans have leaked. And I've got the book. Not the whole thing yet, only 3/4 of it. It doesn't matter yet; I'm reading it slowly, and the fourth part will be uploaded later today.


My oh my. What a book. Rowling's done it again.

And that is all I will say on the subject for now.

[ profile] cherrychalk, [ profile] ladyofmasbolle, [ profile] worstangel, [ profile] nancy_downs, [ profile] dianaprallon, [ profile] _isarma_, I hope you're having as much fun as I reading this :DDD


Jul. 16th, 2005 08:12 am

That's all, folks. I will NOT post spoilers without warnings henceforth.

But do not read comments; you've been warned.
So I'm here in São Paulo -- at the moment, at [ profile] nancy_downs'. I've been spoiled rotten: I've read the first two chapters of HBP (and yes, I do believe that they're real; it's so similar to JKR's style!), and I've heard the rumours about the-person-who-dies-and-who-is-the-murderer.

I've eaten Japanese food; I've bought a Death Note volume (I don't read Japanese, but Raito and L looked so cute handcuffed on the cover! *laughs*); I've watched The Dreamers and Bad Education (sort of) again; I've seen a bit of the city and met several people, including [ profile] xxxemo_girlxxx (\o/!)...

It's been a very fun day. So-- from what I've gathered, you guys have been trying to resist spoilers, right?


How odd.

*laughs* I wasn't hyper about HBP before... but now I am. Very much so.

I need to read this book.

No, you guys don't get it. Well, maybe you do.

If the chapters were for real... this definitely has the potential to be the best book yet.

The Snape thing on chapter two... *pulls hair* I'll shut up. And go back to my hotel, because... Well, tonight, I'll have to sleep enough to make up for last night and tomorrow night.

*bounces* I'm so anxious!


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