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All right, so I fail at updating LJ! Damn you, Twitter. I went to a U2 concert in Tampa with [ profile] firstlightofeos and [personal profile] lu a couple of weeks ago, and it was brilliant. I went to New York right after that, where I bought far more DVDs and assorted geekeries than I ought to and ate really, really good Chinese takeout. I totally fell in love with the city. ♥ And I bought a new MacBook Pro! It is gorgeous. I've just finished setting her up to my satisfaction today. Her name is River. (After River Tam, obviously, not River Song. And damn you for even considering that possibility, [personal profile] oxymora.)

TV-related rambling ahead! But first, tell me something. [LJ poll]

vague spoilers for Glee, Dollhouse and Merlin )

Three TV shows I'm watching and enjoying—with download links, because everyone knows I'm a pimp at heart:
  • Castle: Nathan Fillion playing the part of a Fillion-y mystery writer who helps solve crimes; what's not to love? I'm enjoying season 2 even more than I did season 1, and I'm happily waiting for my copy of Richard Castle's Heat Wave to arrive. Here's a YouTube promo featuring Fillion being awesome and geeky. Download the Castle pilot in .avi format here.

  • FlashForward: the premise is interesting—the entire world blanked out for 2 minutes and 17 seconds, causing massive casualties, and during that time everyone caught a glimpse of what their lives would be like six months from now. The main character saw himself investigating the blackouts, so he begins investigating; it's all very wibbly-wobbly timey-wimey. Also: there's John Cho! And Jack Davenport! YouTube promo link. Download the FlashForward pilot in .avi format here. (Hulu link.)

  • White Collar: I was excited to see Chuck's Matthew Bomer (Bryce Larkin) in a new show; it just premiered two days ago, and it didn't disappoint. [Incidentally, if you aren't watching Chuck, why the hell aren't you watching Chuck?] Bomer plays a con artist who helps investigate white collar crimes to keep himself out of jail, à la Catch Me If You Can. It's entertaining! Check out the YouTube promo, and download the first episode here in .avi format (or watch on Hulu).

  • I'm also watching, with varying degrees of dedication, enthusiasm and caught-up-ness: Dexter, Fringe, Heroes, How I Met Your Mother, Lie to Me, Numb3rs, Criminal Minds, Stargate: Universe, Supernatural and The Mentalist. I have a terrible case of television ADD—I rarely remember/want to watch shows' new episodes every week—so everything always piles up. *guilty look at Heroes, Criminal Minds and Fringe* *headdesk*
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    I'm not much of a pet person, but for some reason or another I've had birds, rabbits, cats, dogs, chicks, ducks and fish at different points in life (and an opossum, but not willingly). Of all the above, cats are undoubtedly my favourites.

    So I've had [ profile] nancy_downs' cat, Felicia, staying over for the past few days while she's out of town. This has provided me with one major source of amusement: some of my friends are terrified of/disgusted by cats, and have gone so far as to squeal and climb the nearest piece of furniture whenever the (tiny, very docile and totally adorable) cat enters the room. *snerk*

    Things I Have Learned While Baby-Sitting the Cat )

    In other news, I've put together a list of 50 Merlin fic recs for [ profile] kirrea. If you've watched the series, check it out! There's a shitload of crack, some angst, some smut, some drama...well, basically, a bit of everything. *grins*

    I have not posted here about #amazonfail, Dreamwidth or Susan Boyles. Just for the record: 1) I covered the first one at Twitter on the day of; 2) I'll create a DW account on the 30th, as soon as open beta starts; 3) I have watched the video, I do think her voice is nice, but I honestly don't get why everyone's making such a huge fuss.

    Oh, and [ profile] afterthree and I are working on a not-very-secret project that we're having some fun planning. Ho hum.


    Feb. 4th, 2008 03:37 am
    Just because you're pretty much the only person who'd beg really hard and make me promise to stay up late on the night of your birthday so that I could call—only to forget to take your cell to your birthday party... here's a tiny birthday post for you, [ profile] nancy_downs, because I'm away and really can do no more than this. *laughs*

    (Also, I'm positive you'll be really pissed off tomorrow if you think I didn't even try to call at midnight. I did, I swear. I was Skyping with Mum at that time, so you could ask her if you really wanted to, but I don't think you do *grins*)

    And doing this sort of thing is so, so typical you that I can't even get annoyed. *grins* I hope you're having a good with your ULC debauchery! *waves*
    So I'm off to Paris this Tuesday, and I'll be in London for most of February—if you're around either and feel like meeting up, leave a comment! :)

    As for UR and all that, I'll still be around the net, but obviously not as much as usual. Now I'm off to pack and make final arrangements. 'Bye, everyone!

    ETA I was re-tagging my LJ and found an old LJ comment stats code. I figured I could get said stats again to find out who's commented the most these past few years.

    The results were... unsurprising, for the most part. Here. )
    "Three hours. This is it - ground zero. Would you like to say a few words to mark the occasion?"

    Aaaaah gah. Ugh. Yeah. Well said, Tyler Durden.

    I ... I can't think of anything. I'm three hours away from holding THE book. Three hours away from realising I've read it, I've finished; I will never again wait in line for another Potter book. There will never again be another Potter book.

    Oh, God. *tries to breathe*

    I could be all, "to the well-organised mind, this is but the next adventure" but FUCK NO. AGH. I don't want the books to be over. *tear*!



    *takes a deep breath*

    I'm going back to the bookshop now. [ profile] nancy_downs, [ profile] _isarma_ and [ profile] magnun have been waiting for me for a while. I just came to the hotel to charge my laptop.

    Okay. I'm off. Good luck, everyone, and I'll talk to some of you in a bit over three hours. With the book. *dies* :)
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    I've just read a post [ profile] nancy_downs wrote and realised that it was probably a good idea to let you guys know that she and I broke up. We've been together for almost a year, but it was high time to end it. *shrugs* I'm quite all right, and I hope that she is, too.

    If what was decided during our conversation stands, we'll still be friends (of course). There's really nothing I can say about it that won't resemble an annoying bunch of clichés, so that's that.

    Tea Party

    Nov. 5th, 2005 12:28 am
    *feels like self is Invading Private Property* Not.

    What really matters is that I was the first person to wish you happy birthday! \o/

    So we're just going to ignore the fact that I didn't even bring a present. (Yet.)

    God, I'm going to die tomorrow. I just hope you're happy.

    Let me make this public:

    People, Christy Corr is going to make me meet her Crazy Christian Missionary Mother! ¬¬ *shoots girlfriend*

    Oh, and we'll Potentially Break-Up. Because that's what she usually does on her birthday.

    I feel like Lolita now. Wish I could put you in jail. *kicks Criminal Code*

    So I guess that's it. Happy Birthday! (So cliché. --')

    Feeling stupid, awkward, embarrassed and scared of Runi Grammar Nazis,

    -Lu ([ profile] nancy_downs).

    Ps: God. Never thought I'd post here under these circumstances.
    Ps: I'm not going to say that I love you, for that would be just too much. Which I always I do anyway, so I don't know why I bother saying it.
    National Coming Out Day

    I normally don't make posts about this sort of thing. In fact, all I've been posting lately is--well, I haven't been posting. And, when I do, it's a silly meme, or senseless babbling. This one's different--it doesn't make much sense, but still.

    I've just had a bad conversation with my grandmother, in which she told me, "I have an open mind. I accept the fact that many people have this--emotional disorder and prefer to live this way. I've even had one or two acquaintances who were homosexuals, but I succeeded in keeping a certain distance from them. I just hope they'll learn, someday, that it's wrong and against the Lord's will. Maybe they'll be able get help. I have nothing against them--I merely hate their sin."

    I know homophobia very personally. I was raised to hate this sin, and to try my best to convert anyone who suffers from that awful "disease". My mother--most people who've read my journal for a while know this--is a fanatical Christian, a very strict missionary who has "exorcised" many new converts who previously "lived in sin".

    (Heck, I've been called a homophobic several times, but that's just because I tend not to like HP slash. ^_^ It's fairly easy to shut people up with the 'er... sorry, but I'm gay.' line.)

    I've heard tales from several of my friends who have been discriminated, pointed and laughed at, insulted, or worse. I've seen all sorts of absurd news on TV: just last week, two girls kissed in public in São Paulo -- São Paulo, people, the city with the biggest gay parade in the world -- and were arrested.

    Today's National Coming Out Day in the US. There is no need for me to come and tell my mother, "Hey, Mum, this is my girlfriend." Heavens, she's moving to Mexico in a month or so--the shock would probably convince her to stay and "bring me back to the fold". Half of my family would drop dead if I told them that; the other half would speak ill of me for generations to come.

    It's not like I particularly care, or am ashamed of who I am; I simply see absolutely no need. My friends know me well enough.

    I'm not sure what the point of this post is. Perhaps I'm just sick of being outraged so bloody often, of hearing these insane discrimination stories. Perhaps I find it absurd that people should be ashamed of being curious about same-sex relationships. Perhaps this kind of post is wasted, considering most people reading it are part of the HP fandom and, as such, entirely used to reading about homosexual relationships.

    Perhaps it's just been too long since I've ranted, and I felt like doing so now, for some random reason. xD

    To all the wonderful, abso-fucking-lutely incredible gays, lesbians and bisexuals in my flist, I love you all, and I'm very, very proud of being your friend. *hugs*

    "10% of the people are straight, 10% are gay, and the rest are bi."
    - Red, 'Goldfish Memory'

    "Does daddy have a boyfriend?"
    "No, no, he doesn't."
    "Neither does Mum. She had a girlfriend for a while, but she got over her. [pause] You want to play with me? I've got Legos."

    - Benji and Felicia, 'Priscilla, Queen of the Desert'


    Check this out:

    A Questionnaire For All You Heterosexuals

    [Randômico: procurando frases de Goldfish Memory para o título, o único site que eu achei no Google foi um antigo tópico de quotes do Animagos \o/ *vai ver* *dois minutos depois* OK, a quote estava na assinatura da Lu no fórum. Claro. ¬¬']
    christycorr: Cheshire cat (Alice in Wonderland) ♥ Unknowable! ( - we're all mad.)
    Yep, the new chapter's up.

    ... How sad is it that I'm prouder of the song selection than I am of the chapter itself? ^^'

    I forgot to say in the A/N -- and Portkey's editing system isn't friendly enough to be worth my time, so here it goes: thanks to Annie, Runi, Lu, Arch and Anoka for opinions and enduring my rants about that cliché dump. =)

    I'll create my account one of these days, I will.
    It's incredible. Every time I flist, there's a meme to be done. Amazing! *grins*

    Tagged by Noka.

    20 random facts... )

    I tag: Nai ([ profile] paradoxo_mental), Ash ([ profile] worstangel), Runi ([ profile] firstlightofeos), Arch ([ profile] ladyofmasbolle), Anne ([ profile] toasterobsessed), Anna ([ profile] pink_pudding), Patricia ([ profile] cherrychalk), Titou ([ profile] titou_moony).

    Tomorrow's a holiday in Brazil! \o/ It's raining; I'll hide here with some three or four movies to watch. =)

    I've been getting strange plot bunnies... starting one one-shot per day... *blinks* I've... learned to enjoy writing again.

    Oh yes, and the next chapter of Hopelessly Addicted is ready and beta-ed.

    *will go upload it now*
    *looks down* I was emo again last week, wasn't I? Crap. Sorry. Anyways, college is great, teachers are fine; I'm already slightly overworked, but that doesn't really matter. I've finished a Hopelessly Addicted chapter; I'm waiting for [ profile] nancy_downs and [ profile] firstlightofeos to give me their opinions so I can send it to my beta. I think 1-2 more chapters ought to do it, and then I'm doooone. \o/

    So. This is a rather pointless post. Hmm. AH! I would like to ask everyone to add my new MSN: christycorr at hotmail dot com. I'll try to be on it more often, even though MSN for Macs is a pain. AIM (or rather, iChat) is so much better (ChristyCorr05)! *grins* I've been IMing a lot more than hijacking lately... even though I don't really know why. I don't think it's just me -- is it? *sighs*

    Does anyone else like Terry Pratchett? I fall more and more in love with the guy, the more I read his work. It's so bloody fantastic! *_*

    ... Yeah. Pointless. I've got a meme, though; not sure if that makes this better or worse:

    Weird intuition meme )
    Your Kissing Purity Score: 37% Pure

    You're not one to kiss and tell...

    But word is, you kiss pretty well.

    *yawn* 37%? Oh my.

    So yeah, I went to São Paulo; stayed with Jesus ([ profile] nancy_downs); met God ([ profile] garotadogelo) and mum/granddaughter ([ profile] x_disorder_x) for the first time (\o/); saw my son ([ profile] defexxx), daughter ([ profile] xxxemo_girlxxx), father ([ profile] dehds), brother ([ profile] nandao), husband ([ profile] magnun), aunt ([ profile] deadcinderella) and several other people; had a great time; watched Pulp Fiction and Reservoir Dogs in the movie theater (*___* Tarantino rocks); came back home. Today was my (real, biological) mother's birthday, so I went over to see her and all that.

    On yet another random note, I've just finished Terry Pratchett's Mort. I'm so in love with that guy; it's ridiculous. I bought a few more of his books this week. *grins*

    And now, as promised, the Hopelessly Addicted snippet-- )

    That's all for now, folks.

    Not to go all Bible-Thumping Bitch on you or anything, but! An awesome Pulp Fiction quote is simply required...

    Ezekiel 25:17 - The path of the righteous man is beset on all sides by the inequities of the selfish and the tyranny of evil men. Blessed is he who, in the name of charity and good will, shepherds the weak through the valley of darkness, for he is truly his brother's keeper and the finder of lost children. And I will strike down upon thee with great vengeance and furious anger, those who would attempt to poison and destroy my brothers. And you will know my name is the Lord when I lay my vengeance upon thee!
    [ profile] nancy_downs' father writes a column in a big newspaper, and he's just emailed me, asking for links showing the fandom's pre-HBP hyperness, desperation for spoilers, etc. - forum threads and whatnot.


    P.S. You've all seen this theory, right? And you know that our fandom went boom with wankage? Here's a nice 'my flist wrote HBP' post, and the mandatory State of the Fandom summary. And oh, this analysis of HBP canon relationships -- not just 'ships' is pretty good...

    (All links contain spoilers. And yes, I was bored enough to [ profile] daily_snitch last night for a looong time.)


    Jun. 26th, 2005 02:12 am
    I've been oddly hyper these days -- a lot more than usual.

    My new iBook and iPod are simply prettiful.

    The TGB mods are the most lovable girls EVER. *huggles*

    Lu's coming to Rio.

    (I technically still have to hand in a couple of papers, but--)

    (WARNING: uncharacteristic emo-ness)

    Today should be a Thursday. It's gloomy, grey and cold outside (about 55-60F, or something below 20C -- psst, that's cold here). Most of my friends are having schoolwork-related freakouts -- two of them just called me, strongly believing they'll fail a few classes. Raiana and Larissa are sick; I'm busy as hell, can hardly see Deb, and I miss her. Lu's having a major relationship crisis. I'm stuck at home studying bullshit like "Christianity existed long before Christ". I can barely look at Mum in the face nowadays without arguing. I haven't seen my father in weeks. I'm sick, and tired. I'm absolutely overwhelmed by everything I have to do, and my expectations are way too high. For one bloody week, it's like the whole fucking world is slowly tumbling down around me. It's not that bad, I know; I'm strong; I can handle this. It doesn't mean I like it.

    "Life: loathe it or ignore it, you can't like it."

    - Marvin, the Paranoid and Perpetually Depressed Android, aka the little guy in my icon.

    And, just so this post isn't completely useless:

    Mortality -- serious spoilers for Death Note chapter 58. It's quite good.

    DN downloading website with links to chapters 1-66.

    ETA Esse texto IDIOTA dessa matéria INÚTIL é a coisa mais IRRITANTE que eu já vi na minha VIDA. PQP. "Desde que o homem ex-iste, ele escuta a pro-posta de Deus em sua consciência. Sempre somos levados a sair de nós mesmos, a assumir a res-ponsa-bilidade diante dos outros, e aí se dá uma pro-posta que exige uma res-posta com fidelidade." COMO ASSIM, seu pedófilo NARROW-MINDED e completamente IGNORANTE? *kills*
    Just for the record: IMing, after I had the great idea of replacing my friends' names with Death Note characters.

    Raito said... Raito's gay! )


    Misa's brighter than L, because she's a star! )
    How well do you know me?

    Oh so true fandom Truths rant.

    This is a conversation that happened late last night on Skype. Don't mind the insanity. And feel free to be all, "tl; dr" -- I won't mind.

    Late-night nonsense )
    I'm sick. =( It sucks so much. I don't feel like moving, typing or doing any of those aaaawful Criminal Law exercises. Or breathing, for that matter.

    And, of course, screw Christianity. Like hell I'm worrying about those questions now.

    Unrelated note: am writing Elephant Love Medley parody with [ profile] nancy_downs.

    A-- I can't survive without your sweet tea
    Oh baby, don't leave me this way

    B-- You'd think that people
    Wouldn't be so fond
    Of silly tea cups

    A-- I look around and I see it isn't so
    Oh, no...

    B-- Some people want to call the world
    For silly tea cups

    A-- Well, what's wrong with that?
    I'd like to know
    'Cause here I go agaa-aain...

    Waiting for Lost to finish so that we can wrap it up. ^^ I love Moulin Rouge.

    Random quotes from random websites )


    Mar. 7th, 2005 09:12 am
    firewhiskey is love
    brought to you by the isLove Generator


    Must -- post -- last night's IMing here.

    Must, must remember.


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