So I'm off to Paris this Tuesday, and I'll be in London for most of February—if you're around either and feel like meeting up, leave a comment! :)

As for UR and all that, I'll still be around the net, but obviously not as much as usual. Now I'm off to pack and make final arrangements. 'Bye, everyone!

ETA I was re-tagging my LJ and found an old LJ comment stats code. I figured I could get said stats again to find out who's commented the most these past few years.

The results were... unsurprising, for the most part. Here. )

Trolls & DN

Mar. 2nd, 2005 01:58 am
Best troll EVER. Seriously. This thing is so -- freaking -- awesome. I almost feel like putting all the links here again.

I laughed so hard at this DN fic... Damn, Ash, you need to find some more crackfics. They totally make my day.

Great day at college today. Civil and Criminal Law (Christianity teacher decided not to go this week, yay!). The Civil Law teacher is a bit odd, but I'll be fine with her (unless she decides to speak English in class again. If that is the case, I will be forced to leave! ^^ ;; Honesty, it's torture. The Criminal Law teacher is great; an arrogant, chauvinistig pig just like most lawyers like him, but his classes will be great.

(Lis -- by chauvinistic I mean: "Olha, eu não sou idiota, nem marido de mulher bonita. Porque vocês sabem como é, mulher bonita é igual melancia, ninguém come sozinho." Gyah.)

And now I'm off to bed -- I have to get up in four hours. Ta!
Real New Year's resolution: read at least one book every two days. I've been reading too little lately.

Author of the week: John Grisham.

My computer's decided it doesn't like MSN. So I'll probably be offline for a long, long time.

(Lis -- sorry! I depend solely on your dad now.)

ETA I've just watched the Ya-Ya movie. It's pretty good. It's got plenty of flaws, of course, and it changed the story a lot, but it's still better than I'd expected.

E again TA I've just finished reading The Pelican Brief.

John Grisham is God.
It's been quite a while... Last time, I posted from a friend's house... But only today I actually stopped to check my friends' page -- am currently in the skip=275 page, and not even close to being done -- and to write something here.

...And it turns out I don't have much to say.

Oh, yes, of course! I'm working on a new fic! A Reason/Hopelessly Addicted Christmas cookie! It's about Lily and James' first Christmas apart -- it's called Whiskey Lullaby. Very sad, very angsty... Very nice, IMHO. I miss writing angst =)

:: sighs ::

Not even close to finishing that. I'd hoped I'd finish HA 13-15, Pendragon 3 and Whiskey Lullaby before Christmas.

That doesn't seem very likely. Which of course doesn't mean I won't try. I'm just saying... not likely.

She put him out like the burning end of a midnight cigarette
She broke his heart; he spent his whole life trying to forget her
We watched him drink his pain away, a little at a time
But he never could get drunk enough to get her off his mind...

PS -- quizzie I found in one of the ancient posts I read... was it in Rae's LJ? *-)

You scored as Cult. Woah buddy, write goodbye letters to the family, cause you're joining a CULT! Feeling like part of a group makes you feel important. You like feeling you have access to knowledge that others don't, but you also want to convert people to your way of thinking. Be careful not to get swept into popular trends and charismatic leaders, dazzling as they may be. Pay more attention to the inner voice warning you against inherent danger. Cults most appealing to you: Scientology, Mormonism, and anything living in the "community".

created with

LOL. Oh heavens, I won't even comment on this.

(Oh, shut up, Lis. Don't even think about saying anything.)
Today is [ profile] elisangelamaria's b-day... happy birthday, Lis!

Couldn't go to her party. Oh well, whatever. Decided to get sloshed while using the computer like every good alcoholic nerd.

Before fulfilling said resolution, I watched a movie I really liked: "The Life of David Gale," with Kevin Spacey. Very good.

Oh, by the way, I've created many of the Hopelessly Addicted characters in The Sims 2... Things are not quite going as planned.

Alain's broken up with his ideally part-Veela wife and is now good friends with Sylvie Bonacieux, who is in love with a Scottish OC; her brother Dominic's dead, and Alain's little daughter Fleur (Fleur Delacour... does the name ring a bell?) loves sticking her head in the toilet and making a mess... Remus is falling in love with Alain's ex-wife... (I haven't begun playing with Sirius, Lily and James yet)

All in all, it's fun.

It might be easier to determine their behaviour if the room just stops spinning... (of course it would also be easier to type, but I've read this over some five or six times -- hopefully not too many typos... sorry!)

My mood was going to be "depressed". My MSN nick was "Doctor, won't you please prescribe me something, a day in the life of someone else? I'm a hazard to myself... Don't let me get me!"

My mother came over today to spend the night. It's so strange to see her here at nighttime -- I'm just not used to it anymore. Okay, I sleep a couple of times a week at her place, but she's hardly ever here.
Anyway. She came over, we ate dinner ("Stop reading! Stop messing with the computer! I came here just to spend time with you! You have to dine with me!"), watched an old video of our trip to Disney in '95 (God, I used to wear so -- much -- pink!), and then she and my stepdad started arguing about putting Moses to sleep. He was crying a lot (he doesn't even recognise the bloody house! He can't manage to sleep here, apparently!), and she wanted to give him a bottle, David (my stepdad) didn't, they bickered; as usual, she had it her way, he was sulking in a corner for a while. As usual.
I had a shower then, and when I left, the house was dark. I checked the bedroom, and saw two big lumps and a small one. Okay, everyone was asleep. At last.

I woke mum up at midnight, as is usual in our family, to say "Happy Birthday". I then found out that my stepdad had left (the other lump on the bed was in fact a stack of pillows to keep Moses from falling off) by bus, all the way to the other side of town (which is where my mum lives), because of "some grown-up thing" she refuses to talk about -- she keeps saying that he went because tomorrow is scheduled to be the day she's spending with me. Despite the fact that it's her fucking birthday, and he's her fucking husband. God.
And then, just to improve things, my grandma called to say Happy Birthday, and she was noticeably completely shitfaced. Which sucks, because... well... she's not supposed to do that. I won't develop the subject, but she just isn't.
So. We both said Happy Birthday, Mum said she didn't want to open the presents (which was just so fucking great, she didn't even care, and I spent more than a bloody whole month's allowance on the bloody presents. But I disgress). And she went to sleep.

Well, at least she didn't tell me to get out of the computer, because then I'd be even angrier. And I'm honestly glad she didn't, because then, slowly, things started to improve.

For starters, Ash posted the first chapter of the promising "November Fudge and the Mad Irishman". I didn't remember half of what all that cochney rhyming slang meant, but it was fun to read it. That improved my mood slightly.

And then I started getting reviews for "Pendragon". Which always feels good.

And then I found out that I'm about to lose a bet. See, I bet 30 bucks on the fact that Lis wouldn't manage to finish 'Reason' by tomorrow. And apparently, she will. Which sucks in a way, but is rather amusing, too. I honestly thought she might finish by Christmas, definitely not so soon.

And then Mum woke up, came to my room and asked me to stay with Moses, 'cause she wanted to open her presents. She really liked them, too.

So I am now in a slightly better mood. Which is not saying much. Am neither down nor happy: like the little star expresses so adequately, I'm "blank".

Oh, I found this meme in someone's LJ (might ETA his name later), thought I'd post it. It's interesting.

Read more... )

I probably gave this thing a lot more thought than it deserves.

Must try to sleep now.


ETA LJ stats thingy I got from Wyanne's LJ:

Who's been commenting in your journal?

1 [ profile] christycorr 28 comments 45.9% of total
2 [ profile] elisangelamaria 19 comments 31.15% of total
3 [ profile] worstangel 9 comments 14.75% of total
4 Anonymous 3 comments 4.92% of total
5 [ profile] icemint 1 comments 1.64% of total
6 [ profile] bluebottlebutte 1 comments 1.64% of total

These statistics were generated using the LJ Stats Web Interface by [profile] mpnolan. Original idea from [profile] scrapdog's LJ Comment Stats Wizard.
I'm done! I'm doooooone! Argh. I don't know how I managed to fall asleep last night, knowing I was only 100 pages from the end of Sweep. But I resisted bravely!

I wanted to be able to take the book to the hairdresser, but then... ah... I woke up, and just couldn't help myself. I've just finished it. And oh... It was exactly what I'd hoped for. "I'm Morgan, daughter of Maeve of Belwicket." Heh. I've been waiting for that line since book 1.

Right now, I think "Night's Child", the last book, is the best in the series. Although, of course, my opinion might change after I read the 15 books all over again -- which I will do, of course. Tonight. (start, that is. Not even I can read 15 books in a single night, Lis.)

I'm starting "Book of Shadows" (the first book) after I return from my uncle's birthday party. Ooh... I've just realised... I will have nothing to read this afternoon...

Oh, that's bad. Well, it was definitely worth it.


PS I've always thought it weird that people who'd read the entire Harry Potter series (well, books 1-5) had difficulty spelling names like "McGonagall" or even "Gryffindor". Writing "Quiddich" instead of "Quidditch" is also a classic (in fact, before reading the series in English, all I read was ff, and I actually thought that that was how it was spelled)... But I can honestly say that, even after reading all the 15 Sweep books, I have to hesitate before writing words like "mùirn beatha dàn" (I'll just stick to MBD, heh) or "sgiùrs dàn". Argh. Gaelic sounds like an awfully interesting language.

PS2 No music today... Too busy reading. :)


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