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All right, so I fail at updating LJ! Damn you, Twitter. I went to a U2 concert in Tampa with [ profile] firstlightofeos and [personal profile] lu a couple of weeks ago, and it was brilliant. I went to New York right after that, where I bought far more DVDs and assorted geekeries than I ought to and ate really, really good Chinese takeout. I totally fell in love with the city. ♥ And I bought a new MacBook Pro! It is gorgeous. I've just finished setting her up to my satisfaction today. Her name is River. (After River Tam, obviously, not River Song. And damn you for even considering that possibility, [personal profile] oxymora.)

TV-related rambling ahead! But first, tell me something. [LJ poll]

vague spoilers for Glee, Dollhouse and Merlin )

Three TV shows I'm watching and enjoying—with download links, because everyone knows I'm a pimp at heart:
  • Castle: Nathan Fillion playing the part of a Fillion-y mystery writer who helps solve crimes; what's not to love? I'm enjoying season 2 even more than I did season 1, and I'm happily waiting for my copy of Richard Castle's Heat Wave to arrive. Here's a YouTube promo featuring Fillion being awesome and geeky. Download the Castle pilot in .avi format here.

  • FlashForward: the premise is interesting—the entire world blanked out for 2 minutes and 17 seconds, causing massive casualties, and during that time everyone caught a glimpse of what their lives would be like six months from now. The main character saw himself investigating the blackouts, so he begins investigating; it's all very wibbly-wobbly timey-wimey. Also: there's John Cho! And Jack Davenport! YouTube promo link. Download the FlashForward pilot in .avi format here. (Hulu link.)

  • White Collar: I was excited to see Chuck's Matthew Bomer (Bryce Larkin) in a new show; it just premiered two days ago, and it didn't disappoint. [Incidentally, if you aren't watching Chuck, why the hell aren't you watching Chuck?] Bomer plays a con artist who helps investigate white collar crimes to keep himself out of jail, à la Catch Me If You Can. It's entertaining! Check out the YouTube promo, and download the first episode here in .avi format (or watch on Hulu).

  • I'm also watching, with varying degrees of dedication, enthusiasm and caught-up-ness: Dexter, Fringe, Heroes, How I Met Your Mother, Lie to Me, Numb3rs, Criminal Minds, Stargate: Universe, Supernatural and The Mentalist. I have a terrible case of television ADD—I rarely remember/want to watch shows' new episodes every week—so everything always piles up. *guilty look at Heroes, Criminal Minds and Fringe* *headdesk*
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    I'm a big fan of character-driven fiction. It's not that I think plot is unimportant, but it's secondary—a plot has to be truly dazzling to make me ignore severely underdeveloped characters. (Lord of the Rings anyone?)

    So yeah, character-centric > plot-centric. This applies to movies, TV series, books, fanfiction, you name it. I'd take Closer over Catch Me If You Can (and Havemercy over City of Bones, and Dexter over Alias, and Drop Dead Gorgeous over Draco Sinister) any day. Shit, I just fandom-dated myself really badly by mentioning that fic, didn't I.

    By 'character-centric,' I don't mean plotless—it's mostly that the plot exists to push along the character development, and not the other way around.

    Issues of the Week, BSG, genfic and Dollhouse )

    Just to clarify, I don't consider 'plot-driven' an insult or anything. Nevertheless, I do believe bad writers don't try to write character-centric stories nearly as often as they do plot-driven ones (maybe it's easier to settle for the latter, because plot-driven fiction is the norm, and to part with that you need a firmer crafting hand, to have at least some idea of what you're doing? I'm not sure).

    ...And then Stephenie Meyer comes along with a primarily character-driven universe that has little to no plot or character development for at least 70% of any given book in the series, and I...I don't even know what to do with that.

    Anyhow! I've rambled on for long enough. Do any of you guys have a preference? Is this a distinction that matters to you—in published fiction, fanfiction, or TV?

    (Unrelated: Geek pride ftw!)
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    Like [ profile] bazcat89, I'm doing this TV shows meme so I can ramble about stuff. Also, it's 7 AM and I'm procrastinating on going to bed. *grins*

    TV meme )

    Yay for rambling! Answering these questions made me feel like I watch too much TV—I don't, really. Honestly! *laughs* It's just that TV series are sort of a bonding experience in my circle of friends: we rarely watch things on our own, and the series we have in common are always a popular conversation starter. So I tend to give most of what they watch a try. (Except for Gossip Girl. Because

    [ profile] inksplotched came to my house this week! She's been travelling around the country, and was in Rio for a couple of days. It was brilliant *grins*

    ...Aah. I'm having Pride and Prejudice cravings. Damn you, [ profile] firstlightofeos!
    Spoilers for the House season finale )

    Yep, House, you did a great job. Can't wait for season 5.

    All is well

    May. 1st, 2008 12:06 pm
    It's Labour Day weekend and quite a few people are coming to Vertigo. I'm very happy about this, and for some reason feel more sociable than I had in a long time. The apartment's insanely stocked up with all sorts of beverages and junk food; it's very nostalgic, and reminiscent of when my life used to be like this every day. Good times.

    There are always background issues, of course, and every other day I seem to come across an insane yet completely true bit of gossip or secret that totally shocks me. Nevertheless, everything seems...almost right in the world. I don't know, I just feel—aah. Content. Or something.

    ... I swear that's not even the residual blood in my alcohol system talking.

    Small TV-related rambling; tiny spoilers for House, Doctor Who, Grey's, Scrubs, Brothers and Sisters )

    And while I'm on the subject of Doctor Who and stuff, I have to mention that David Tennant's role as the lead character in Casanova is insanely endearing. One can hardly credit me for coverting poor [ profile] firstlightofeos and [ profile] _thirty2flavors to Who when Tennant clearly does the job on his own with remarkable ease.

    I took a silly quiz I saw in [ profile] inksplotched's LJ, and look!

    You know the Bible 100%!

    Wow! You are awesome! You are a true Biblical scholar, not just a hearer but a personal reader! The books, the characters, the events, the verses - you know it all! You are fantastic!

    Ultimate Bible Quiz
    Create Quizzes

    I'm so shocked.

    Also, almost done judging my Hourglass categories. Yay for not having procrastinated too much!
    Critics seem to like 'Stardust'! I'm happy for Neil Gaiman :) Time to get the book out of the shelf and go to the movies soon-ish, I believe.

    Speaking of Gaiman, this short video of Jonathan Ross kissing Neil Gaiman at Comic-Con is hilarious. Also, this quote is awesome (from his blog):

    "Writing a novel is a voyage of discovery," said Neil Gaiman, who has written piles of them (including "American Gods," "Anansi Boys," and "Neverwhere") and sold millions.

    But turning a novel into a film is like "running a very sharp-edged maze leading through a minefield, with people shooting at you, in a freezing downpour, having no sense of where the exit might be, pursued by hounds, while blindfolded."

    Ooh! I have a new MacBook. It is black and gorgeous, but it will only be delivered in a couple of weeks, for some evil reason.

    Jesse Spencer (Chase) and Jennifer Morrison (Cameron), House co-stars, called off their engagement. Oh noes. And then of course the House fandom wanks.

    UR was down for a couple of days, and not once did I consider posting at LJ. Hm. I started a couple of new poke wars on Facebook, too. Speaking of which! Feel free to add me on Facebook if you have it; I made an account a couple of weeks ago :)

    Hmm. It seems like our fandom took BoldThrough (crappy! name!) very seriously... So people seem to be migrating over to JournalFen/GreatestJournal/InsaneJournal. Just for the record, I have accounts everywhere (JF, GJ, IJ), have had them for a while, never planned to use them (well, I use JF to comment at fandom_wank, but that's all), and still don't. Really, really don't.

    Chocoholic squirrel, wtf. Oh, and ew.
    christycorr: Alex Karev (Grey's Anatomy) (Headdesk.)
    ...that 90% of the actors in the American show business have participated in at least one medical series. Seriously.

    It's amazing, it really is. Having watched my fair share of E.R., a good deal of House and having just started season three of Grey's Anatomy, I'm growing increasingly sure of it. In Grey's alone: Come on, Christina Ricci? The Little Miss Sunshine girl? George's daughter and Vanessa from Six Feet Under? Bridget Jones' Diary's Natasha? Shaniqua from Crash? Marshall from Alias? Rose's mom from Titanic? The boys' father from Supernatural? Ross'-girlfriend-Elizabeth from Friends? Prison Break's Terrence Steadman? Incredible!

    I'm also starting to believe these shows' writers seriously lack creativity. Most interesting cases in Grey's have been featured in House; it's insane.

    That being said, I should state that I've developed an addiction to Grey's Anatomy. It's fun! Not as good as House, but highly entertaining all the same :D

    I've started watching Supernatural, too--and all this a week before all my major exams. Bad timing, anyone?

    Edit: ... Happy Valentine's Day, Brazilians. I swear I'd completely forgotten until I saw the nicks in my MSN list. *headdesk*
    I've been tagged for the desktop meme several times; it's been a while since I posted one, so here it goes--my glorious desktop, featuring the feet of Dr. Gregory House (and The Cane, of course). *grins*

    Click to enlarge.

    Note to people who are not familiar with Macs: this is what a Mac desktop looks like! *beams* My monitor is 1440x990, which is why it's so—er, rectangular. The bar below with heaps of icons is sort of a Start -> Programs thing, only prettier; it shows the icons of the programs I use the most.

    If you take a closer look, you'll see programs such as: Safari (standard Apple browser), Camino (the Mozilla browser for Mac), iChat (our AIM), the several IM programs I use on a daily basis, Mail (our Outlook Express), XChat (an IRC client), Tomato Torrent (a Bittorrent client), iTunes, iSquint (converts video to iPod format), Stickies (on-screen post-its), Excel and Word for Mac, VLC, iPhoto, Photoshop and The Sims 2.

    The icons on the desktop itself are fics I'm working on, stuff for UnknowableRoom, and other random files.

    I tag:

  • [ profile] firstlightofeos
  • [ profile] nancy_downs
  • [ profile] discreetly
  • [ profile] magnun
  • [ profile] dianaprallon

  • My midterm grades are scarily low; my average so far is in the mid-80s (out of 100). Mm. Good thing I left work, innit? *sighs*
    And so it is: perhaps a bit worse than I thought it would be, but terrible nonetheless. College has started, and thus my life ended. I leave the house at about 6:40 AM every day; I usually have classes from 7 till 11 AM; I go to work; I return to college at 7 or 9 PM and stay there until 11 PM. I get home, knackered, some twenty minutes later, and I'm inevitably exhausted.

    Seven hours--I have precisely seven hours to check my email, do everything I can online, have a shower, solve whatever problems there are at home (it almost makes me feel that having your own place is overrated), sleep, wake up, and leave for college again.

    It's maddening. Work gets frustrating; life gets frustrating. I feel like I have no time for anything anymore. Two things keep me sane, ironically two of the things that make my day even more maddening and busy: frequently exchanging emails with my friends while at work, and my crazy determination to be obsessed with Harry Potter.

    Yes, Harry Potter. Oddly enough, I have never been this much into the books, not even when I first joined the fandom. I dedicate what little time I can between classes and between assignments at the bank to work on wiki articles. I cannot--and this is my resolution for this year, hard though it will be to keep--go off Potterfan mode before July 21st. I will not. Those damned books defined my adolescence, and I will live this phase to its fullest until it ends--which it will, scarily soon--if it kills me.

    So now, for the first time in my life, I define myself as a Potter fan above all else:, law student, bank employee, TV series addict, movies addict, U2 whore, Pratchett fanatic, human being, the works.

    To quote one of the many of my favourite characters whom I have neglected in the past few weeks, "This is so like rain on my wedding day."
    I was rearranging my tags today and realised how many posts I've made warning people that I would be gone for a while. Why do I bother, really? *sighs* I do wish I still had time to show up here as often as I used to. I miss this whole deal a lot more than I care to admit, or think about, most of the time.

    While I was gone, I developed a sad addiction to House, M.D. (thanks, [ profile] worstangel). Yes, I do realise that it's a tad late to jump on the bandwagon, but I finally understand what everyone's been talking about for aeons, and... Major Cane Love. Really. *beams* I've caught up with all episodes so far and am anxiously waiting for the next one (yet another reason to look forward to 10/31).

    Has anyone listened to The Saints Are Coming, U2 and Green Day's new release to support MusicRising? It could have sucked majorly--I'm not the world's biggest Green Day fan, but I have nothing against them; their style's just completely different from U2's--, but it so doesn't (thankfully)!

    I've been writing a little here and there, studying--eh, not so much--, and am currently in charge of organising the Fic Exchange! I hope you're all participating! In case you miss the announcement, here's the deal:

    Send this form to
    Tell us what kind of fic you'd like to write, and detail a prompt for a fic you'd like to receive, until October 28th.
    We'll make the matches and wait for the stories until Christmas; they will be then posted to the archive.

    It's a part of the celebrations for's first birthday. *tear* Our baby's growing up!

    P.S. The stingrays are angry!


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