Dec. 25th, 2012


Dec. 25th, 2012 02:38 pm
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I'm in Berlin with [ profile] wendybarrie_, my dad and brothers for Christmas! I've been in Germany for a couple of weeks now, and it's been brilliant to spend time with a very pregnant [personal profile] oxymora (who, incidentally, wrote and posted a Yuletide fic despite the fact that her due date was on December 21 *salutes*) and the lovely [ profile] latenightcuppa :D But seriously, Berlin, it was snowing three days ago, wtf is up with the sudden warmth killing the white-Christmas vibe. *glares*

Yuletide is live! There are so many brilliant fics all over the place this year—I don't know if it's even more than usual or if it just seems that way, but I've been unable to tear myself away from my computer all morning, because oh my God, I love fandom so much ♥ ♥ Though my recipients haven't read their fics yet? Apparently? I hope? :( *bites lip* *tries not to fret*

ANYWAY. FUCK YEAH YULETIDE. I've been spamming fic recs over at [ profile] ficrecs, but here are three of my favourites so far!

First of all, my perfect, amazing, seriously-everything-I-ever-wanted, no-really-mystery-author-are-you-secretly-a-mind-reader-or-something giftfic:

[Bandits] After the Gold Rush (post-movie, Joe/Kate/Terry)
It's the three of them slowly working around each other and negotiating their OT3ness, and just, oh my God, it's so brilliant, and so wonderfully in character!

And then two heavily meta fics, because yesss:

[Fandom RPF] The Velociraptor Diaries
Where do I begin. Suffice to say, any fic that includes this line: "(Marx: if remember right from ancient history lecture, was briefly popular fiction writer of family values and industrialization stories, also part of comedy trio -- others in trio may have been Freud and Jung Werther, also focused on alienation and production of family structures? -- but Marx's societal critique never took off in a big way, except for "North and South" which was adapted multiple times.)" needs no introduction. Basically: if you've ever been in fandom, read this.

[AO3 Tags Anthropomorfic] The Bar at the End of Fandom
This fic represents the very best thing about Yuletide. It's no secret that I have all the feelings about tagging, and this, THIS. Guys. Seriously. I love the imagery, I love the concepts, and it's beyond hilarious. ♥ ♥


Happy Yuletide/holidays/Just Another Day in December/whatever, everyone!


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