Aug. 18th, 2007

Critics seem to like 'Stardust'! I'm happy for Neil Gaiman :) Time to get the book out of the shelf and go to the movies soon-ish, I believe.

Speaking of Gaiman, this short video of Jonathan Ross kissing Neil Gaiman at Comic-Con is hilarious. Also, this quote is awesome (from his blog):

"Writing a novel is a voyage of discovery," said Neil Gaiman, who has written piles of them (including "American Gods," "Anansi Boys," and "Neverwhere") and sold millions.

But turning a novel into a film is like "running a very sharp-edged maze leading through a minefield, with people shooting at you, in a freezing downpour, having no sense of where the exit might be, pursued by hounds, while blindfolded."

Ooh! I have a new MacBook. It is black and gorgeous, but it will only be delivered in a couple of weeks, for some evil reason.

Jesse Spencer (Chase) and Jennifer Morrison (Cameron), House co-stars, called off their engagement. Oh noes. And then of course the House fandom wanks.

UR was down for a couple of days, and not once did I consider posting at LJ. Hm. I started a couple of new poke wars on Facebook, too. Speaking of which! Feel free to add me on Facebook if you have it; I made an account a couple of weeks ago :)

Hmm. It seems like our fandom took BoldThrough (crappy! name!) very seriously... So people seem to be migrating over to JournalFen/GreatestJournal/InsaneJournal. Just for the record, I have accounts everywhere (JF, GJ, IJ), have had them for a while, never planned to use them (well, I use JF to comment at fandom_wank, but that's all), and still don't. Really, really don't.

Chocoholic squirrel, wtf. Oh, and ew.


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