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Dec. 25th, 2012 02:38 pm
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I'm in Berlin with [ profile] wendybarrie_, my dad and brothers for Christmas! I've been in Germany for a couple of weeks now, and it's been brilliant to spend time with a very pregnant [personal profile] oxymora (who, incidentally, wrote and posted a Yuletide fic despite the fact that her due date was on December 21 *salutes*) and the lovely [ profile] latenightcuppa :D But seriously, Berlin, it was snowing three days ago, wtf is up with the sudden warmth killing the white-Christmas vibe. *glares*

Yuletide is live! There are so many brilliant fics all over the place this year—I don't know if it's even more than usual or if it just seems that way, but I've been unable to tear myself away from my computer all morning, because oh my God, I love fandom so much ♥ ♥ Though my recipients haven't read their fics yet? Apparently? I hope? :( *bites lip* *tries not to fret*

ANYWAY. FUCK YEAH YULETIDE. I've been spamming fic recs over at [ profile] ficrecs, but here are three of my favourites so far!

First of all, my perfect, amazing, seriously-everything-I-ever-wanted, no-really-mystery-author-are-you-secretly-a-mind-reader-or-something giftfic:

[Bandits] After the Gold Rush (post-movie, Joe/Kate/Terry)
It's the three of them slowly working around each other and negotiating their OT3ness, and just, oh my God, it's so brilliant, and so wonderfully in character!

And then two heavily meta fics, because yesss:

[Fandom RPF] The Velociraptor Diaries
Where do I begin. Suffice to say, any fic that includes this line: "(Marx: if remember right from ancient history lecture, was briefly popular fiction writer of family values and industrialization stories, also part of comedy trio -- others in trio may have been Freud and Jung Werther, also focused on alienation and production of family structures? -- but Marx's societal critique never took off in a big way, except for "North and South" which was adapted multiple times.)" needs no introduction. Basically: if you've ever been in fandom, read this.

[AO3 Tags Anthropomorfic] The Bar at the End of Fandom
This fic represents the very best thing about Yuletide. It's no secret that I have all the feelings about tagging, and this, THIS. Guys. Seriously. I love the imagery, I love the concepts, and it's beyond hilarious. ♥ ♥


Happy Yuletide/holidays/Just Another Day in December/whatever, everyone!
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Roommate and I are in Bamberg, Germany, taking up loads of space at [personal profile] oxymora's house! :DD It's been insanely fun to take part in all the holiday cheer going on around here—I honestly had no idea people could get this Christmassy. It's awesome :D I love Christmas, but I dislike having to spend it with my family, so this trip has been all kinds of perfect.

(Plus it's WINTER. You guys, it's a thing of beauty to leave the stifling heat of Rio's summer to feel actual cold, you have no idea.)

We're off to Ireland from here, and then in January it's the UK and France. If anyone's around here somewhere and wants to say hello, drop me a line!
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Thank you so much for participating in this year's Yuletide! I hope you didn't hate my requests on sight—rest assured I'll adore anything you write based on the characters I asked for. I'm not hard to please, promise :D

So, in general:

I adore: good characterisation, AUs of any kind (and crossovers! Love those!), excessive UST, witty banter, clever characters actually being clever, complex plots, sarcasm, open relationships and/or interesting poly dynamics, awesome female characters, geeky references of any kind, drunkenness, domesticity, adultery and kidfic. [you can find fics I love at my pinboard account, if you wish]

I really, really dislike: the word "lover" (seriously, I cannot stress this enough), "making love," "cum," character bashing, graphic non-con. I'm also not a big fan of incest.

If you want to write any of these as an AU or a crossover, I'll absolutely love it ♥

Now, on to the specific prompts: )

I know very well that optional details are optional, Mystery Writer, and once again, rest assured that I'll greatly enjoy your fic, no matter what you choose to write! Feel free to depart from my requests if a stray plot bunny leads you astray—I won't mind one bit! :D

Once again, thank you so much for this! ♥ ♥
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So! I saw DH2 last night with several fandom friends, including [personal profile] oxymora. It was very nostalgic, and there were, oh my God, so many screaming fangirls squealing every time Neville/Draco/Snape/the twins/whoever showed up on screen. Also, whenever something even remotely adorable happened. Or something even slightly badass. They were screaming so loudly that I couldn't even hear Molly's most infamous line. *laughs*

Verdict: I really liked the movie! It's not particularly surprising, considering I was rather fond of DH1 as well.

Spoilers, sweetie. )
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Wow. Um. It's been a while! I aten't dead, as Granny Weatherwax would put it. How are you all? :D I've been spending most of my time on Twitter and Facebook, and LJ/DW ended up really neglected, poor things. Also, I've been (re)watching Buffy and Angel and Bones nonstop for weeks and somehow I'm still not sick of David Boreanaz's face. Mysteries of the universe.

(I feel like I should mention this in no way constitutes a hardcore Buffy/Angel shipping manifesto. I adore Spike. I wish he and Buffy could shag live happily ever after, only not really, because that would take half the fun out of the ship.)

In old news—X-Men: First Class was all kinds of awesome! I've already read a fair deal of fanfiction in the past month, thanks to [ profile] sweetcherrytree's linkage and the kink memes, but if you have any links, feel free to share!

And how awesomely awesome was The Doctor's Wife? Omg. I still can't get over it. Oh, Neil Gaiman.

In related news, I've added George R. R. Martin to the list of authors I fangirl shamelessly. July 12 can't come soon enough! And Game of Thrones season 2 can't, either. *grumbles* *shakes fist* *hates HBO so much — except for the hating bit, 'cause God, that show is brilliant*

I've also created a tumblr today—not sure why, really, apart from the fact that it makes following all my favourite tumblrs a great deal easier. Drop me a line if you have an account there; I'll be happy to follow you! *grins*

In far more important news, [personal profile] oxymora's getting to Brazil from Germany! TODAY! She'll be here for the Deathly Hallows premiere and everything! Eeeeee! *EXCITED*
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First of all, thank you for writing this fic! Don't worry—I'll be thrilled with whatever you choose to write ♥

I'll ramble a little about what I like in fics and what I meant when I picked these fandoms in case you need clarification or whatever, but feel free to ignore this if you prefer to do your own thing! :D

So, about those prompts. )

...Yay Yuletide! \o/
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I'm back in Brazil! All that travelling seriously hindered my usual watching-all-Oscar-movies thing, so alas there are a couple this year that I didn't see. My favourite movies, hands down, were Inglourious Basterds and A Single Man. I was also rather fond of An Education and District 9—and of course, Star Trek and Sherlock Holmes, but that goes without saying.

Main categories predictions, for the record )

I'm watching the red carpet now with [ profile] keshii, her mother, [ profile] rolepop, his boyfriend, [ profile] wendybarrie_, and her ex-boyfriend. :D I'll start liveblogging as usual in about half an hour, when the awards ceremony starts.

Disclaimer: I just pulled two all-nighters in a row; I'm kind of jet-lagged, and I have class in ten hours, so that's another all-nighter waiting to happen, yay! I'm sort of high on Red Bull, too. I apologise in advance for typos and accidental hyperness.

On to the liveblogging!

Liveblogging )

To sum it up: The Hurt Locker won the night, with six Oscars; Avatar got only three, all extremely well-deserved. Excellent!
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I couldn't care less about Christmas itself, but this year's Yuletide was all kinds of exciting!

My Yulegoat wrote me a time to refrain from embracing, a lovely Kings futurefic featuring pining!Jack and jaded!David—what more could I possibly want? Thank you so much, mystery author! ♥

I have a bazillion windows open with all the fics and links I ignored over the past few days while hiding under my Yuletide-shaped rock—but I'm I won't get to touch them any time soon because NEW DOCTOR WHO OMG.

While (VERY IMPATIENTLY) waiting for my download to finish, I shall read more Yuletide fics. I doubt I'll post recs here on LJ, but if you have Twitter, check out @ficrecs; I'll probably update it pretty frequently over the next few days!
Star Trek XI fic rec: So Wise We Grow, [ profile] captanddeastar's [ profile] startrekbigbang fic (eventual Kirk/Spockm 81,000 words, R). It's kid!fic—Spock finds himself having to parent, with Kirk's help, the son T'Pring left behind—and it's all kinds of adorable.

So! Christmas cards! (Again, not hand-made, because I fail at arts-and-crafts-ness.) Drop me a note if you want one, and I'll do my best to mail them at some point before December 25th.

[Note to newcomers: I've yet to manage to meet this deadline. Extrapolating from my last few years' Christmas-card-sending attempts, I'd say you're likely to receive your card in mid-January. I apologise in advance.]

Comments are screened.
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We've had consistent 100F+ weather for the past few days, and I am melting. MELTING. Weather gods, I am so displeased. My computer's overheating so much it's uncomfortable to type. Ugh.

Yuletide sign-ups are now open! I haven't decided which fandoms I'll pick, but go volunteer! Also,'s yearly Christmas Fic Exchange has just opened sign-ups, too. *nudges* How about some HP fic nostalgia, eh? Go join! ♥


Post a list of 10 television shows you watch or have watched. Have your friends list guess your favourite character from each show. When someone guesses your favourite character, bold the title. When guessed, tell us why you like that character.

Here you go:

1. Doctor Who
2. How I Met Your Mother
3. Six Feet Under
4. Merlin
5. Firefly
6. Buffy
7. Numb3rs
8. Chuck
9. Leverage
10. True Blood

I'd offer shows like Castle, Alias, Dexter, Dollhouse, Rome, Boston Legal, Gilmore Girls, House, Scrubs, Supernatural, Pushing Daisies, Star Trek (TOS) and Heroes as options, but my favourite characters in each and every one are so obvious (and obviously awesome) that really, it's kind of pointless.

Star Trek XI fic rec: [ profile] waldorph's √π233/hy7 series. Don't let the Math-y name scare you off! It starts off with an AU loosely based on the movie Good Will Hunting, in which Jim is dragged to Starfleet Academy after Spock finds out he's a bit of a Maths wiz kid, but it's so much more than that—every one-shot that followed is narrated from the point of view of a different character (Winona, Uhura, Sam, T'Pring, Sulu, Frank, Sarek, etc.), following his or her life in that 'verse. Most of them can be read as stand-alones, if Kirk/Spock isn't your thing. I'm especially fond of the T'Pring one-shot.

Also, I turn 22 today. Yay for getting old! And happy belated birthday to [ profile] keshi_t, who is exactly one year and 36 hours older than me :D
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All right, so I fail at updating LJ! Damn you, Twitter. I went to a U2 concert in Tampa with [ profile] firstlightofeos and [personal profile] lu a couple of weeks ago, and it was brilliant. I went to New York right after that, where I bought far more DVDs and assorted geekeries than I ought to and ate really, really good Chinese takeout. I totally fell in love with the city. ♥ And I bought a new MacBook Pro! It is gorgeous. I've just finished setting her up to my satisfaction today. Her name is River. (After River Tam, obviously, not River Song. And damn you for even considering that possibility, [personal profile] oxymora.)

TV-related rambling ahead! But first, tell me something. [LJ poll]

vague spoilers for Glee, Dollhouse and Merlin )

Three TV shows I'm watching and enjoying—with download links, because everyone knows I'm a pimp at heart:
  • Castle: Nathan Fillion playing the part of a Fillion-y mystery writer who helps solve crimes; what's not to love? I'm enjoying season 2 even more than I did season 1, and I'm happily waiting for my copy of Richard Castle's Heat Wave to arrive. Here's a YouTube promo featuring Fillion being awesome and geeky. Download the Castle pilot in .avi format here.

  • FlashForward: the premise is interesting—the entire world blanked out for 2 minutes and 17 seconds, causing massive casualties, and during that time everyone caught a glimpse of what their lives would be like six months from now. The main character saw himself investigating the blackouts, so he begins investigating; it's all very wibbly-wobbly timey-wimey. Also: there's John Cho! And Jack Davenport! YouTube promo link. Download the FlashForward pilot in .avi format here. (Hulu link.)

  • White Collar: I was excited to see Chuck's Matthew Bomer (Bryce Larkin) in a new show; it just premiered two days ago, and it didn't disappoint. [Incidentally, if you aren't watching Chuck, why the hell aren't you watching Chuck?] Bomer plays a con artist who helps investigate white collar crimes to keep himself out of jail, à la Catch Me If You Can. It's entertaining! Check out the YouTube promo, and download the first episode here in .avi format (or watch on Hulu).

  • I'm also watching, with varying degrees of dedication, enthusiasm and caught-up-ness: Dexter, Fringe, Heroes, How I Met Your Mother, Lie to Me, Numb3rs, Criminal Minds, Stargate: Universe, Supernatural and The Mentalist. I have a terrible case of television ADD—I rarely remember/want to watch shows' new episodes every week—so everything always piles up. *guilty look at Heroes, Criminal Minds and Fringe* *headdesk*
    (PSA: Guys, [ profile] sarahtales' LJ—most of you remember her as the Drop Dead Gorgeous author—was hacked, just like [personal profile] copperbadge's and [ profile] shoebox_project. As usual, all her entries were deleted; don't click on the links you see there.)

    And just because I do this every year:

    Happy Towel Day! (Alas, not a Thursday this year.)

    Also, happy Lilac Day! The happy folks over at [ profile] howdotheyrise have started their celebration already, and I find myself dying to reread Night Watch—I haven't done that since the release of Half Blood Prince, which was when I bought the damned thing; I read half the book while waiting in line. (My first Pratchett. *tear*)

    Random links of the day:

    1) I'm On A Ship (I'm on a Boat, Star Trek XI-style). Made of win.

    2) Extended Serenity gag reel, which for some reason or another I found myself watching, like, 15 different times this week. And quoting extensively. All the time. It's funnier if you've seen the movie, or if you like Nathan Fillion, but it's also pretty damn funny if you haven't, and if you're a sad, deprived soul who has no idea who the man is. If that is the case, watch this and remedy this fortunately curable condition as soon as possible.

    3) Ickle Twilight/Buffy crossover, with a bonus Something Blue reference. *grins* I was linked to it from this [ profile] fanficrants rant, which definitely deserves a click all on its own.

    4) I've set up a fanfiction recs Twitter account here. As you can imagine, it's mostly Merlin and Harry Potter, but there are a couple of other fandoms there somewhere.

    (I don't have the patience to do the awesome reasons-for-reccing thing that [personal profile] afterthree did at Coffee and Chocolate, and that [personal profile] thirty2flavors and [personal profile] inksplotched did at [ profile] atasteof, but I do have too many fic links bookmarked—so yay for Twitter's 140-character limit!)

    Oh, there's lots of Star Trek, too. Obviously.

    This fandom is taking over my life, guys, it's not even funny. I think I've said this about far too many fandoms way too many times. I'm downloading all the movies and all the series while impatiently waiting for the remastered DVDs to come out in Brazil (May 27th!). *sighs* This is my brain on Trek. THEY HAVE PON FARR, PEOPLE. How can a fandom that has an official name for AMTDI fic not be awesome?
    christycorr: Dr. Horrible (Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog)/Barney Stinson (How I Met Your Mother) (Suit up.)
    Unsurprisingly, I'm christycorr over at Dreamwidth. *grins* I'm not entirely sure what I'll use that journal for, but I'm definitely not abandoning LJ. So...yeah. If you have an account there, please let me know and I'll be happy to add you!

    The 2009 cycle of the Hourglass Awards has started once again at Unknowable Room—nominate your favourite Harry Potter fics, and if you can, volunteer to judge! Nominations end in a month, and judging will take place until July 15th.

    Considering the amount of alcohol I've imbibed in the past few hours, I'm typing extraordinarily well. Yay, go me!


    May. 1st, 2009 02:41 am
    *dusts off shiny new blog*

    Ho hum. Let's see if this is indeed the Promised Land everyone's been raving about.
    The new U2 album, No Line on the Horizon, was leaked two weeks early and I have it and oh my God it's AWESOME. I've been squeeing with [ profile] firstlightofeos for a while now. I'm ridiculously happy right now. *dances*!

    My poor roommates will have to live through two months of me listening to this on repeat every single day. Oh well. Sorry, guys. I feel bad for you, I do, but...yeah.

    There's a verse in Unknown Caller that goes "Force-quit, and move to Trash." I'm so amused. ("Force quit" is Mac-speak for "control-alt-del.") *snerk*

    Also, there's a track called Magnificent—a word that in and of itself reminds me of Donna Noble—and it starts something like this: I was born to be with you / In the space and time / After that, and ever after / I haven't had a clue. It cracked me up. Okay, so maybe it's 'this' space and time or whatever, maybe I misheard it, but it still made me laugh a great deal *grins*

    [ profile] afterthree gave me five topics to ramble about, so I'll get to that before I forget.

    Comment on this post and I will give you five subjects/things I associate with you. Then post this in your LJ and elaborate on the subjects given. )

    Dumbledore & Albus/Gellert )

    Runi )

    *actions in asterisk* )

    Mac )
    So on December 31st, 2005, I was dating [ profile] nancy_downs, and after watching the Copacabana fireworks she and I ran home because of a silly resolution we'd made concerning the 42nd minute of 2006. *grins* The next morning, I woke up to find that she had spilled a glass of water on my iBook—which caused me to be computerless for several weeks. (So. Not. On.)

    And on December 31st, 2006, everyone left Vertigo soon after the fireworks; [ profile] paradoxo_mental, [ profile] dianaprallon and I got ridiculously drunk in about half an hour, and then we slept. (Meh.)

    On December 31st, 2007, someone said right after midnight, "Hey, guys, have you realised that this will be our first year with no Harry Potter to look forward to?" *laughs* Depressing much? It was a quiet New Year's, for the most part, and there were very few people here. I passed by my grandfather's and he slapped me a few times, which was kind of dreadful. Oh well. (*sighs*)

    On December 31st, 2008, my house was astonishingly clean and organised all afternoon—we all worked hard to get it that way. It got messier as the night went on, but for the most part the big problem was people's dirty feet after they came home from the beach, which we tried to solve by having everyone leave their shoes outside the apartment. Spilled beer and the occasional accident aside, it's really not so bad. (And our landlord can't even complain about the party—everyone's allowed to be loud on New Year's.) People drank quite a bit, danced loads, sang, jumped, and seriously—it was without a doubt my best New Year's yet.

    The most iconic moment of the night was in all likelihood all of us coming home drenched in champagne after popping open more than 10 bottles while watching the fireworks. [ profile] stheh and [ profile] discreetly had a champagne fight and everything. *laughs* Or perhaps it was [ profile] firstlightofeos teaching my friends the proper choreography to the Spice Girls' Stop Right Now while everyone sang it at the top of their lungs.

    (Legendary. *grins*)

    But I can't believe [ profile] firstlightofeos is leaving in just a few hours *pouts* Damn.
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    Aaand everyone's called it for Obama.

    It's over, it's done with, McCain has conceded, and this moment? IS MADE OF MOTHERFUCKING WIN. Epic!

    I'm not a die-hard Obama fangirl or anything—heaven knows I'd be far more pleased to see Hillary in the White House—but dude. A Democrat President is an insanely awesome idea.

    Best birthday present ever!
    As per my yearly posting tradition, Happy Towel Day!

    Today we also celebrate the death of John Keel and six others and the failure of the Glorius Revolution.

    Many Pratchett fans this year are wearing the lilac for Alzheimer's, in honour of Terry's recently-disclosed illness.

    Were you there?
    Happy Liza Doolittle Day!

    I've been getting strange Trio-era plot bunnies all afternoon. I blame [ profile] afterthree. Damn you, Chelle!

    I'm on my way to the post office, to pick up a box of DVDs. Alas, there's no more space for them in the apartment; I've no idea what [ profile] plasticiner and I will do about that.

    Also, happy birthday, [ profile] bazcat89!


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