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Hi, Mystery Author!

First of all—don't worry, I'm very easy fic-wise, and if you're writing any of these fandoms, I'm already happy. All my suggestions are 100% 'Optional Details Are Optional' territory, and if anything completely different strikes you, go for it! If you enjoy writing it, I'll definitely have a great time reading it.

I'm listing some of my top likes and dislikes below, but please consider these more like vague guidelines—you're welcome to disregard them if the mood strikes you, and please don't feel that you need to include any of these at all. I'm just trying to help. :D

Favourites: UST, witty banter, fucked-up characters and interactions, clever characters actually being clever, open relationships and/or interesting poly dynamics, awesome female characters, any and all geeky references, dubcon, infidelity, kidfic, domesticity, post-break-up, fake relationship, hatesex, denial/delay, voyeurism, pining, and soulbonds.

I'll be happy to get fluff or angst, gen or PWP, plotty or slice of life. I love canon and AU settings equally; if you bend canon in an interesting way, I'll love you forever, and if you get me a missing or future scene that fits just right, I'll be squeeing until New Year's. Crossovers, fusions, movie AUs are all totally fine, too! Seriously, I wasn't kidding with the easy thing.

In case you happen to want to dig around my accounts to find out anything: [ profile] christycorr; [ profile] christycorr; [ profile] christycorr; [ profile] christycorr.

Please avoid: the word 'lover' (I just have a thing, okay, I hate it totally irrationally), 'making love,' 'cum,' gratuitous character bashing, watersports, scat, graphic non-con, rape as plot device to lead to h/c, first person POV.

Cruel Intentions (1999)

What if it had been Kathryn, not Sebastian, who set out to seduce Annette? Or what if Sebastian had decided to claim his reward after all? Or hey, maybe an OT3 is in order. Or Annette had been masterfully playing them all along. Or maybe Kathryn has fucked off to Europe and is now sending them terrible letters to mock their life choices.

Cruel Intentions toys a lot with how much everyone in it lies and how unreliable its own tale is, and it could be really fun to read something that plays with that, with how partial a story we got. Basically, I enjoy the hell out of this movie and the character dynamics in it, and would be over the moon with either gen or any permutation of the three main characters you’d prefer, in any genre whatsoever.

V for Vendetta (2005)

I love this film, and it would be great to read your take on any of its minor characters. The tag set has Dominic Stone, Valerie and Ruth—any of those would be brilliant. If you want to talk about what led Stone to join the Yard, or scenes from Valerie and Ruth’s lives together, go for it! You could do Valerie or Ruth on their own, growing up; or surviving, in a better reality, if you like. Valerie imprisoned would be fascinating, if angst is your up of tea! If you want to try a different character altogether, you could go for Deitrich or Delia, too; explore him building his collection, perhaps, or her crisis of conscience. Up to you!

Six Feet Under

Brenda Chenowith

There are so many things you could write about Brenda that would make melt in a puddle of Yuletide glee. A snippet of Charlotte Light and Dark; a glimpse into tiny!Brenda's life as she struggles with being the subject of observation by a plethora of shrinks and learns to react to the attention in her own way; anything about how her relationship with Billy developed throughout the years, and how they built their personalities messy and entangled with each other; how she grew into herself and tried to leave Charlotte and her parents behind; what it felt like to meet Nate and to be drawn to a guy like that, to develop feelings for him, to be betrayed by him, to let herself get involved with him again, to lose him; her point of view about her struggles with sex and intimacy and commitment and all sorts of things; her perspective on the Fishers and their many different flavours of fucked-up; her life post-series, her career, her second marriage, her family.

Seriously, any of the above, and countless others besides. Brenda is the kind of character that causes so much to happen onscreen that it can be hard to remember that there's even more happening purely inside her head. It would be great to read what you think was happening at any point in time—please feel free to make it sad, or funny, or romantic, or twisted, or pensive, or all of the above.

tl;dr: I ramble way too much, probably offered too many idea tidbits in my attempts to be helpful (sorry!), but don't worry—I'll definitely be happy with what you write. Thanks in advance, and happy Yuletiding!
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