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Hi, Yulegoat!

Thank you so much for volunteering for any of my fandoms. You're brilliant and clearly have amazing taste :D Trust me, I'll be beyond giddy to read anything you write based on any canon here—take into account anything I suggest as if there were a blaring red display saying 'Optional Details Are Optional' above every single prompt.

I'm generally quite easy to please ficwise—there's very little I absolutely won't read, and I'm sure I'll enjoy anything you come up with! I'll list some of my favourite tropes and some of the things I dislike the most below, but please consider these more like vague guidelines—please disregard any and all of my preferences if the mood strikes you.

Things I adore: UST, witty banter, fucked-up characters and interactions, clever characters actually being clever, open relationships and/or interesting poly dynamics, awesome female characters, any and all geeky references, dubcon, infidelity, kidfic, domesticity, post-break-up, fake relationship, hatesex, denial/delay, voyeurism and soulbonds. I'm really big on shameless idfic! Feel free to include kink of any kind. I'm not picky—if you think it's hot, sell me on it!

I'm open to as much or as little angst or fluff as you wish. Quick and dirty PWP is awesome; plotty longfic is equally awesome. I love AUs, all kinds—from porn to coffeeshop, dentist to utterly cracktastic. Canon settings are amazing, too! I love genfic, het, femmeslash, slash and otherfic alike; any of those, or any combination thereof, in any rating, will be very welcome! If you do something unorthodox with the story format, I may just love you forever and ever. In case you're like me and want to dig around my accounts everywhere: [pinboard.in profile] christycorr; [archiveofourown.org profile] christycorr; [twitter.com profile] christycorr; [tumblr.com profile] christycorr.

Things I dislike: the word 'lover' (seriously, I cannot stress this enough), 'making love,' 'cum,' gratuitous character bashing, watersports/scat, graphic non-con, rape as plot device to lead to h/c, daddy kink. First-person narration is not my favourite, but if you must, that's okay.

House of Cards

Claire Underwood

I find Claire utterly fascinating—how ruthless, clever and vulnerable she is, how determined yet adaptable she's made herself to be. I'd be thrilled to see anything that explores how she constructed herself to become who she now is; how much of that process was deliberate; what she had to leave behind and the challenges she faced along the way.

If you're amenable to writing an AU, I'd love a snippet of a world where Claire is in Frank's place. She's the congresswoman—the one dealing with the betrayal of being shoved aside for Secretary of State, or setting precarious dominoes in place to become President, or any of the multiple crises we see in the show.

Claire and Frank's relationship—feel free to include Meechum, if you like! And/or talk about Adam, that's great too!—and the way they negotiate their lives around and through each other are hands down my favourite things about this show, so if you want to write something about that, I'd be over the moon.

Just, essentially: Claire Claire Claire, in any setting, at any point in time, with or without anyone, just show me Claire being Claire and I'll love you forever.

Six Feet Under

Brenda Chenowith

BRENDA. The most fucked-up and amazing and brilliant, I adore her forever and always ♥

There are so many things you could write about Brenda that would make melt in a puddle of Yuletide glee! A snippet of Charlotte Light and Dark; a glimpse into tiny!Brenda's life as she struggles with being the subject of observation by a plethora of shrinks and learns to react to the attention in her own way; anything about how her relationship with Billy developed throughout the years, and how they built their personalities messy and entangled with each other; how she grew into herself and tried to leave Charlotte and her parents behind; what it felt like to meet Nate and to be drawn to a guy like that, to develop feelings for him, to be betrayed by him, to let herself get involved with him again, to lose him; her point of view about her struggles with sex and intimacy and commitment and all sorts of things; her perspective on the Fishers and their many different flavours of fucked-up; her life post-series, her career, her second marriage, her family.

Seriously, any of the above, and countless others besides. Brenda is the kind of character that causes so much to happen onscreen that it can be hard to remember that there's even more happening purely inside her head. It would be great to read what you think was happening at any point in time—please feel free to make it sad, or funny, or romantic, or twisted, or pensive, or all of the above.

Sweep - Cate Tiernan

Ciaran MacEwan, Maeve Riordan

I would really love to know more about is Ciaran MacEwan. I don't mean you need to justify any of the absolutely horrible things he's done—I like him just as awful as he is in canon, with his backwards reasonings for all the crap he's pulled—but he's fascinating nonetheless, and his relationship with Maeve sounds like it could have been brilliant, if unhealthy.

This pairing pushes all my buttons for fucked-up dynamics, and I would really love to see more of them somehow—a slight AU, or a missing moment that we didn't get to see in the series. Maeve standing up to Ciaran, or succumbing to Ciaran; Ciaran luring Maeve to the dark side, or Maeve curbing Ciaran's worst habits—or both of them finding some middle ground out of sheer need to be together no matter what.

Jack and Bobby

Jack McCallister, Bobby McCallister

This show, I just—I love it so. ♥ These two break my heart, and Bobby is so insanely adorable and smart. I'd love to see them interact at college, or even later: Bobby nagging Jack to run for office; or a snapshot of the McCallisters' family life as adult; or simply Jack watching his brother grow into the great man he eventually became. Anything centred on either brother—or both—would make me ridiculously happy.

The idea of the two brothers interacting at college—or as adults, whatever—makes me unbelievably giddy. J&B remains to this day one of my most beloved cancelled shows. I adored the character development and the family dynamics so much. Watching Bobby learn how to deal with life, watching how Jack's character shaped him and was shaped by him, witnessing the two brothers' bond grow stronger and their becoming true friends in addition to just family. So yes: if you choose to write this fic, please give me a snapshot (or several! :D) of their lives post-series, at whichever time you prefer. I'd be very happy with a character study of either brother at any point in time, too, if that's more your cup of tea.
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