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Thank you so much for participating in this year's Yuletide! I hope you didn't hate my requests on sight—rest assured I'll adore anything you write based on the characters I asked for. I'm not hard to please, promise :D

So, in general:

I adore: good characterisation, AUs of any kind (and crossovers! Love those!), excessive UST, witty banter, clever characters actually being clever, complex plots, sarcasm, open relationships and/or interesting poly dynamics, awesome female characters, geeky references of any kind, drunkenness, domesticity, adultery and kidfic. [you can find fics I love at my pinboard account, if you wish]

I really, really dislike: the word "lover" (seriously, I cannot stress this enough), "making love," "cum," character bashing, graphic non-con. I'm also not a big fan of incest.

If you want to write any of these as an AU or a crossover, I'll absolutely love it ♥

Now, on to the specific prompts:

Discword: Vetinari

I adore Vetinari. He's one of my favourite characters ever, and the idea of a genfic about him makes me absurdly gleeful. I'd love to see more detail on how he runs Ankh-Morpork, and how he manipulates everyone so very, very effortlessly. I love Pterry's world in general, so feel free to have him interact with anyone (or any event) you want! Basically, you can't go wrong with Vetinari :D

Like I said, I just find Vetinari utterly fascinating. A character study piece would be fantastic! But then again, I love intricate politics and plottiness in fic, so if you come up with something plotty that would be fun!

Jack & Bobby: Jack, Bobby

This show, I just—ALL THE FEELINGS. ♥ These two break my heart, and Bobby is so insanely adorable and smart. I'd love to see them interact at college, or even later: Bobby nagging Jack to run for office; or a snapshot of the McCallisters' family life as adult; or simply Jack watching his brother grow into the great man he eventually became. Anything centred on either brother—or both—would make me ridiculously happy. [No incest, please!]

The idea of the two brothers interacting at college—or as adults, whatever—makes me unbelievably giddy. The only issue I have with J&B was how quickly it ended. It remains to this day one of my most beloved cancelled shows. I adored the character development, and the family dynamics. But above all, I loved watching Bobby learn how to deal with life, and witnessing the two brothers' bond grow stronger. So yes: if you choose to write this fic, please give me a snapshot (or several! :D) of their lives post-series, at whichever time you prefer. I'd love a character study of either brother, too, if that's more your cup of tea!

Birds of Prey (TV): Helena Kyle, Harleen Quinzel

Helena and Dr. Quinzel have such an enticingly fucked-up relationship! And Dr. Quinzel is so delightfully insane and sadistic! I'd really like to see more of them together, in any capacity; it's up to you to decide whether it's before or after Helena finds out about the whole evil mastermind thing :)

Incidentally, I don't have a particularly vested interest in whether this is gen or femmeslash (and in this case, if there's an actual relationship or just hatesex or whatever). But I really love these two characters, and their scenes together were always some of the series' most alluring moments to me. It would be awesome to have more!

Les trois mousquetaires: Athos

By far, my favourite character in this book is Athos—particularly, his relationship with Anne de Bueil intrigues me. I would very much like to see how they met; or how they parted; or even an AU setting where they reconcile eventually, or just meet up one more time. Older Athos reminiscing about his youth would be lovely too!

Curiosity over Athos and Milady's past is a large part of what drove me to read the other books in this 'verse when I was younger—and, much to my disappointment, I never quite found enough information to satisfy my hunger for details. Athos strikes me as a very unique character, and his intricate, angsty relationship with his ex-wife is something that had a great influence on the man he came to be. I would very much like to know more about it: the happy times, or the absolute worst times, or both; take your pick!


I know very well that optional details are optional, Mystery Writer, and once again, rest assured that I'll greatly enjoy your fic, no matter what you choose to write! Feel free to depart from my requests if a stray plot bunny leads you astray—I won't mind one bit! :D

Once again, thank you so much for this! ♥ ♥
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