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I know I'm barely around anymore—you can thank real life and Tumblr for that—but nevertheless, here's another post about the whole AVOS/Delicious, fiasco. Basically: goddamn, Delicious.

Anyone who knows how fastidious I am about tagging can easily imagine how much these shenanigans annoyed me. Unlike last time, I'm prepared to admit that Delicious won't be usable forever, and while I'm positive at least some of the changes will be fixed or reversed, I'm not optimistic.

Since Diigo is not really an option, I'm basically left with Pinboard as my best alternative. So I've registered! (There's basically nothing there, because Delicious' export feature isn't working, unsurprisingly.) Let me know if any of you has a Pinboard account—since I've lost my Del network, I really need new people to subscribe to! *sadface*

...But seriously, AVOS, what the fuck? *sighs*

(In unrelated news: I've started working! The work environment kind of sucks, but hey, I need this internship to graduate, so here I am.)

Date: 2011-09-30 07:34 pm (UTC)
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From: [personal profile] marianas
So, I did get a pinboard. I'm there as semidreamless. And I managed to import all my bookmarks, though of course delicious managed to muddle the dates and orders (and apparently had caches on 6 or 8 bookmarks I had actually deleted, wtf) and I had them in diigo for a couple of days so all the slashes are gone. Whatever. I'll neaten everything at some point.


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